Social Work Field Education (Field Practicum)

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) has identified “field education” as the signature pedagogy of social work. A signature pedagogy is the method by which a student learns their profession. But signature pedagogies also do more; they disclose important information about the personality of a professional field…its values, knowledge, and manner of thinking, almost perhaps, its total worldview.

At The Ohio State University, College of Social Work Field Education Office, we take your education into the community through this student experience. The College of Social Work undergraduate and master's students contribute almost a half-million hours in service to Ohio's underserved, disadvantaged and poor. We are excited to help students find the right field experience where they will spend their time putting theory into practice, engaging with other social workers, and developing their professional identity. The field placement is also where the core values of social work should be apparent on a daily basis.

Field Education makes a tremendous difference in the lives of students, and leaves a lasting impression. We hope your field experience is one that helps set your path as a professional social worker. Under the direction of The Office of Field Education, the Social Work Program Office at Ohio State Mansfield will guide and support you through your placement process and your experience.


Here are just a few possible field education sites:

  • Schools
  • Medical settings
  • Courts and correctional facilities
  • Mental health and substance misuse centers
  • Foster care and adoption agencies
  • International aid organizations
  • Veterans Affairs Centers and military bases
  • Private practice
  • Community centers
  • Child welfare agencies
  • Nursing homes and adult day centers
  • Homeless and domestic violence shelters
  • Government