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Textbook Information
View textbook information, including prices, for your upcoming classes. Textbook data is maintained by the campus bookstore and is updated when faculty place their textbook orders.

All current students must activate their Ohio State e-mail account; all new students will be assigned an Ohio State e-mail account. Ohio State e-mail enables students to receive and access personal registration, class, and grade information.

Notice to all Students
It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration for classes is accurate and that you are correctly meeting the requirements for your degree. Neither advisors nor instructors can assume this responsibility for you. Please be sure to check the catalog to determine that you meet all prerequisites or other requirements for each course. Failure to do so could cost you money, or credits, or both. This schedule is subject to last minute changes due to class enrollments or lack of instructors. Please remember to check the schedules posted in the hallways on the first morning of classes for any changes and to obtain room assignments. In addition to courses listed in the schedule, it is possible for students to register for independent studies with professors. Arrangements for an independent study must be worked out between the student and the professor.

If you are a male between the ages of 18-26, you must report your selective service number to the Office of the University Registrar, The Student Consolidated Services Center located in the 1st floor Lobby of the Student Academic Services Building, 281 West Lane Avenue, Columbus OH 43210-1132 (Phone: 614-292-0300, 800-678-6440, Fax: 614-292-7199 Website Email), or non-resident fees will be assessed, in compliance with state law. If needed, you may obtain your selective service number by calling (847) 688-6888 or at

Financial Aid
If you are planning to attend Ohio State Mansfield and need financial aid, please see a financial aid counselor in the Admissions Office about the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. Financial aid applications may have very early deadlines.

Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP)

TOPP is a payment plan that allows you or your family to pay tuition and other University expenses in three monthly installments per semester without interest charges. An enrollment fee of $30 will enroll you in the program. You must apply each semester. You may enroll in TOPP by sending in the payment for the TOPP amount indicated on your statement of account. Be sure to enroll in TOPP by the university deadline to avoid late penalty fees. Submit future TOPP payments by the appropriate TOPP deadlines to avoid late payment penalties. For more TOPP information send your inquiries to or call (614) 292-0300.