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We Believe that All Children Should Have Acces to Mathematics

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Changing the way mathematics is taught

The Mathematics Literacy Initiative changes the way K-12 math is taught. Teacher PD centers on a 5-step process that focuses on instructional strategies, content knowledge and classroom culture. It allows teachers to step out of a structured lesson and into a world of nurturing students’ own language and understanding of mathematics.

EXPLORE: MLI Framework
EXPLORE: The 5-step process

Building a Framework

To know and use mathematics in today’s society, children must have a conceptual understanding of its underlying ideas, as well as fluency in its elementary procedures. This means their teachers must have this conceptual understanding as well. Our three-year professional development program for K-8 teachers focuses on content and pedagogy, integrating vertical alignment using interactive low-tech games that can be re-introduced with new concepts.

EXPLORE: K-8 Teacher PD

Creating mathways to careers

We believe that mathematics literacy is viewed as an essential life skill and tool for employment in the 21st Century economy. At the high school level, we work with teachers to create a classroom culture centered on success in mathematics, which will allow students to exit high school prepared for college level mathematics, or obtain employment locally in a STEM-related profession. Students become math literacy workers and see themselves in a math career.

EXPLORE: High School program

Teachers of Gifted Children

Gifted learners have unique needs. Our three-module hybrid program focuses on curriculum, instruction and assessment. Participants learn to recognize and respond to characteristics and needs of gifted students and to develop a mathematical classroom experience that creates safe and culturally responsive learning environments. All modules meet the Ohio Department of Education Operating Standards competencies for teachers of Gifted Students.

EXPLORE: PD for teachers of gifted children

Undergrads learn by doing

Our Early and Middle Childhood Education students have plenty of opportunities to learn outside the classroom through field study, methods classes and classroom interaction at local schools, as well as planning and teaching during outreach activities at Springmill Learning Center, and assisting at summer math camps. We hire Education student interns to develop, coordinate and manage outreach activities.

EXPLORE: EXPLORE: Education programs

Flagway: Making math fun

Research shows that struggling students in third and fourth grade begin a descent in mathematics, especially when beginning modules on multiplication, division, and mathematics with fractions. Flagway gives students a way to explore these principles and extend their knowledge in a way that is enjoyable to them. Flagway is a knowledge-based sport in which teams race to sort various numbers into different categories based on their prime factorization. While the game is scaled for all ages, it is mainly played with students in grades 3-6.

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