Advocacy and Resources for Trauma

Mission Statement: ART seeks to provide information and resources to the campus community to promote empathy and overcome systematic barriers to educational attainment and life success, and thereby influencing the larger community.

Advocacy and Resources for Trauma (ART) is a Mansfield campus initiative for fostering a culture of care among students, faculty and staff. We are all human beings who have experienced some form of suffering or deeply distressing experience. These experiences shape and affect us personally, relationally, physically and academically in positive and negative ways. Consequently, we provide support to the entire Ohio State University- Mansfield and North Central State College campuses, resources for eliminating the ways trauma impacts our post-secondary student’s learning and development, and practical advice on how we can most effectively help students to meet their goals. This initiative will increase awareness by encouraging us to ask the essential human question, “What happened to you?” instead of “What is wrong with you?” Such a tiny shift in our questioning helps us realize we all have a story to share and we are sensitively entering that “story” a different points in one’s life.

The Objectives of ART on the Mansfield Campus:

  • To increase awareness and understanding among faculty, staff and students of the prevalence and impact of adverse childhood experiences on learning and student success.
  • To create an environment where students feel safe, respected and supported in the educational pursuit.
  • To build awareness of the principles of a trauma-informed campus.
  • To improve student success by embedding the principles of trauma-informed educational policies.
  • To improve student success by embedding the principles of trauma-informed educational practices.


For more information contact:

Tara Hines
279 Ovalwood

Tessa Bianchi
287 Ovalwood