Campus Change from Mansfield to Columbus

Campus Change from Mansfield to Columbus

Students wanting to take courses at the Columbus Campus must meet the following requirements:

  • Attain an overall Ohio State GPA of 2.0
  • Complete 30 post-high school credit hours (AP and CCP courses taken as part of the high school curriculum do not count)
  • Live on campus if less than two years out of high school

NOTE:  Meeting the Campus Change Eligibility Criteria listed above allows students to take classes on the Columbus Campus. Each College sets their own parameters for the specific courses students are eligible to take based on a student’s major and if the student has been formally accepted into that major (if required).

Students who plan to take classes in Columbus starting in Autumn 2024

  1. Attend the in-person Campus Change Information Session held in January or view the recorded version which will be posted at:
  2. Contact the Housing Department by February 1 (priority deadline) to indicate you need to live on campus and complete the housing contract as directed by the Housing Department.
    Phone:  614-292-8266
  3. Complete the FAFSA Application by February 15 (priority deadline) and indicate on it that you will be attending the Columbus Campus.
  4. Apply for Columbus Scholarships (February 15 deadline) using ScholarshipUniverse.
  5. Complete the Campus Change Request Form (link:
  6. Review the Campus Change webpage:
  7. Register for Columbus Campus classes when your Enrollment Appointment opens.  Your regional campus advisor can help you with that process
  8. After the Spring 2024 semester is over, if you meet the requirements, you will receive notification from Columbus Campus that you have been approved for campus change.  You will also be assigned a new academic advisor who is on the Columbus Campus.

Students who plan to start taking Columbus Campus classes in any semester other than Autumn 2024:

Contact your academic advisor for information on the Campus Change process.