Theoretical Framework

Triangle Framework

This is a graphical representation of the MCS Math Literacy work. The three components are Methodology, Philosophy, and Curriculum. Each component is equally important in a mathematics classroom and influences the others. A successful math literacy teacher uses these 3 components embedded within their mathematics teaching worldview.

The Curriculum is based on the Common Core Content and Mathematical Practices Standards. Lessons should build on students’ background knowledge and each grade level should build on the prior grade level.

Our Philosophy revolves around students creating their own understanding. Research has shown that students who are able to communicate mathematically are able to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math. Requiring students to justify their solution strategies and answers and debate with one another engages students with the math and allows them to discover/make connections within the math.

The Methodology is based on the Algebra Project 5 Step Curricular Process. Problem solving is the focus of instruction. Students do the thinking and work to discover the how’s and why’s of math. Teachers are the facilitators, using questioning rather than a lecture to help students make connections and gain the deeper understanding required to be a successful mathematician.

graphic triangle of math terms

Mathematical Literacy Wheel

graphic circle of math terms