Late Registration

This process is for students who did not meet the posted online application deadline.

Please call 419-755-4317 to set up an appointment for more information and additional instructions.

If you have already met with an admissions representative regarding the late application process, complete the appropriate application below.

Submit Late Application Online(Including $60 Application Fee):

Late Application for Domestic Freshman – Regional
You are a freshman if you have never enrolled at a college or university (don’t count college classes you may have taken in high school).

Late Application for Domestic Transfer – Regional
You are a transfer student if you have attended or are attending a college or university after graduating from high school.

Undergraduate Non-Degree or Transient/Visitor
Use this application if you will not be pursuing a degree from Ohio State

Order transcripts and scores (if degree seeking)

Ordering Instructions

  • High School (unless 30+ college credits post high school)
  • College/University (including College Credit Plus)
  • AP scores
  • ACT/SAT (less than 3 yrs old)

Upon submitting the online application and $60 application fee, you will be sent emails regarding the remaining steps that must be taken before enrolling in courses. This may include placement testing, orientation, and submitting additional documentation.

Degree seeking students will be billed, via email, for a $100 acceptance fee once the application has been received.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that financial aid will be processed before the term begins. Students may need to be prepared to pay out-of-pocket the first term, while financial aid can be processed.

To begin or if you have questions about the application process, please call 419-755-4300.


  • Freshman who have either graduated high school in Ohio or have earned a GED. (If you have completed any college coursework after high school, you are considered a transfer student)
  • Transfer student with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher from all previous college coursework. (If you took college coursework while in high school, you are still considered a freshman.)
  • Continuing Education student with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher from all previous college coursework

Not Eligible

  • You have earned grades from The Ohio State University. (Previous students should call 419-755-4317 to schedule an Update with an academic advisor.)
  • You have pled guilty or been convicted of a felony, have a felony charge currently pending, or have been academically dismissed or dismissed because of disciplinary reasons from another educational institution
  • Not a resident of Ohio