collage of images and a graphic ribbon advertising a Day of Giving event to be held on April 17, 2024

Scholarships change lives. With a gift on Day of Giving, so can you.

Save the date for April 17 when alumni, family and friends of Ohio State will go all in to support undergraduate and graduate students with critically needed scholarships. 

And the best part? Your impact will be DOUBLED with a special match opportunity up to $25,000 for eligible Mansfield scholarship funds.

Without this support, too many motivated students are at risk of abandoning their college ambitions due to financial burden and practical obstacles to success.

Scholarships open doors to exceptional opportunities for learning, mentorship and collaboration at Ohio State. But they also help students to meet everyday needs. Your gift can also help cover a student’s bus ride to class, that pre-exam breakfast or a room in on-campus housing to call home.

This year, the Mansfield campus has been selected by the OSU Alumni Association to receive a special match of up to $25,000 to support student scholarship funds. Give now through April 17th to the eligible fund that means the most to you! See below for a list of links to all the eligible scholarship funds. 

headshot Sophia Wood

Sophia Wood

"Coming from a nonaffluent family, I knew that paying for college would fall under my responsibility. I also had two personal goals in mind; go to a well-rounded school and come out of it debt free. However daunting this had seemed, I knew it was possible because of this campus and its opportunities."
headshot Makena Northcutt

Makena Northcutt

"As a student, scholarship assistance means the opportunity to focus on my studies without the burden of financial stress, allowing me to fully immerse myself in everything happening on campus."
headshot Drue Amin

Drue Amin

"Scholarships have taken a big financial weight off my shoulders and have made my college experience enjoyable. They allow me to make new connections with my peers, build professional relationships with my professors, and get involved on campus."