Together, we grow

When you support students at Ohio State Mansfield, you nurture their potential to become leaders, inventors and ambassadors dedicated to making a difference in our communities, and the world.

The Office of Development and Community Relations seeks to forward the mission, vision and goals of The Ohio State University at Mansfield. Specifically, we coordinate, manage and implement community and alumni engagement strategies and fundraising efforts from public and private sources to make scholarships available and advance key programmatic initiatives.

Together, we will make a college education more accessible and foster dynamic teaching and learning experiences that encourage global citizenship. You, the donors and community, have a tremendous impact on the quality of programs, teaching and facilities. Your support enables the following.

1 Scholarships

Pathways to making a college education within reach

2 Accessibility and affordability

Student success funds that provide resources for student retention and support for under-resourced or academically under-prepared students and increase workforce education rates for the region.

3 New programs

Launch the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology as a model for best-in-class workforce development in manufacturing leadership.

4 Expanded academic facilities and resources

Renovations to existing buildings for laboratory space and expanded science curriculum, thereby supporting more opportunities for degree completion at the Mansfield campus.

Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

Cindy Wood ’93, M.Ed
Director of Development and Community Relations / 419-755-4113

Discover the impact your support has made to the Ohio State Mansfield campus from our annual Impact Reports.

Dear Friends: First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing support, advocacy, and work on behalf of The Ohio State University at Mansfield. I’m truly grateful for you, and for the many conversations both past and future.

The future is very bright. Each day I see many exciting possibilities for this campus as we continue the great journey on expanding opportunities in STEM, degree programs like Biology and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, continuing the strong legacy in education, English, and the many outstanding degrees at the campus.

The most important asset in this region is the people, and I mean that sincerely. I am impressed everyday with the people on campus and in the community, and the enthusiasm and love everyone has for both. Despite declining overall enrollments here, across the state and in the nation, Mansfield continues to be a leader in recruiting a diverse student body. This is but one of many points of pride.

I am passionate about moving Mansfield campus initiatives forward while I serve in the interim role on campus, and I hope you will join me in celebrating the successes and continued growth.

Sincerely, Eric M. Anderman