Prepare Future Math Teachers

The Ohio State-Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative is working to prepare future mathematics teachers.

  • We have a ‘protected group’ of tenure-track mathematician(s) who work permanently on teacher preparation issues.
  • We have re-designed our own (Ohio State Mansfield) teacher preparation courses in mathematics and math education to align with 21st century needs while making real the claim that we are educating Algebra project-based teachers. This includes ensuring that courses pre-service teachers take in mathematics or mathematics education are taught in a pedagogically authentic way.
  • We are developing a vigorous research culture that connects mathematicians and math educators. This includes creation of a mathematics teaching laboratory, conference series, and a visiting scholars program. It could also include partnerships, e.g. with Educational Testing Service for assessment research. Members of the Initiative will continue to seek NSF and other research / outreach based support.
  • We Offer credentialing for the Math Endorsement and the Algebra Project “badge” to preservice teachers.

College Ready Students

The Ohio State-Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative is working to ensure mathematics college-readiness among students, K-16, in a growing network of school districts.

  • We are collaborating with the Mansfield City Schools on the Springmill project. Our Math Literacy Initiative is housed at the Springmill Learning Center and we are helping them to find ways to utilize this amazing facility. Part of this collaboration includes Ohio State pre-service teachers using the facility to work with Mansfield City School students on Algebra Project-based lessons.
  • We are increasing recruitment of students to our pre-service teaching program. This includes stepped-up and innovative recruitment efforts and building the Ohio State Mansfield identity as offering a unique Algebra Project-based training program.
  • We are involving Ohio State Mansfield faculty in professional development workshops of the Initiative’s Mathematics Lab.