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Can you imagine yourself identifying the organic matter and carbonate content of wetlands soils? Or traveling with a world-renowned professor to study mangrove pollination in the Bahamas? These are among the many research projects faculty and students embark on at Ohio State Mansfield. Propose your own research project or become a research assistant. Many of our students have presented their findings at national conferences and the prestigious Denman Undergraduate Research Forum each spring in Columbus.

Along with their individual research, and supporting undergraduate and graduate students’ research efforts, our faculty are being published, exhibiting their work and making an impact in their communities, and our world. Find out what our faculty is doing here.

Publications and Technical Reports

D. Slack (2020). “A Beautiful Haven”, GreenPrints, A literary magazine. Autumn 2020, Issue 123.

Slagle, K., M. Stranger, G. Karns, and J. Bruskotter. 2020. Characterizing potential for recreational access and habitat conservation within Ohio’s private landscape: Scioto watershed. The Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Columbus, OH, USA.

The scholarship of Carolyn Skinner, PhD, associate professor of English, as well as her work for students, has been highlighted recently. Her most recent paper, “A Physiological Education: Audience Constitution and the Construction of Gender in Sex in Education” was published in College English. Additionally, in October, Skinner, Brenna Truax, Conard Learning Center coordinator, and student Maisee Fried, presented their paper, “Supporting CBT (Classroom-Based Tutoring) Pedagogy in First-Year Writing” at the International Writing Centers Association Conference.

Stranger, M., K. Slagle, G. Karns, and J. Bruskotter. 2020. Connecting hunters and landowners: A 2018 program evaluation of Ohio’s Cooperative Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Program. The Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Columbus, OH, USA.

T. Gregory & M. I. Kuznetsov. (2019). On graded Lie algebras of characteristic three with classical reductive null component. Journal of Algebra, vol. 538 (2019), pp. 35-80.

Slagle, K., G. Karns, and J. Bruskotter. 2020. “Deer in Ohio: Results from the 2019 survey of hunters and landowners.” The Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Columbus, OH, USA.

Metcalf, J., G. Karns, M. Gade, P. Gould, and J. Bruskotter. In press. Wildlife agency mission statements provide insight into the purpose and practice of conservation. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

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Shayne B. Piasta, Jessica A.R. Logan, Kristin S. Farley, Tara M. Strang, and Laura M. Justice. In press. “Profiles and Predictors of Children’s Growth in Alphabet Knowledge”, Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk.


Heather Tanner, associate professor of history, was recently honored with The Susan Hartmann Mentoring and Leadership Award. This prestigious award is given annually to a faculty member, staff member or student within The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring and leadership on behalf of women, or other historically underrepresented groups at the university.

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Research and Presentations

How safe the water some Ohioans drink or swim in may depend in the future, at least in part, on some unusual objects floating on the Milliron Research Wetlands of The Ohio State University at Mansfield.

Under the advisement of Ozeas S. Costa, Jr., associate professor of earth sciences, graduate student Zhaozhe Chen is conducting the key research he needs as he works to add a master’s degree in earth science to his master’s in biochemistry.

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Karns, G. Wildlife on the Edge: Managing for the Good Effects and Mitigating the Bad. Woodland, Water, and Wildlife Conference, Mansfield, Ohio.

“The importance of pollinations ecology in the maintenance of coastal biodiversity in The Bahamas: Why the details matter.” Food for the Future: Bahamian Invertebrates, Bahamas Natural History Webinar Series. Carol Landry, PhD, associate professor of evolution, ecology and organismal biology.

M. Stranger, J. Bruskotter, G. Karns, K. Slagle, A. Dietch. Connecting hunters and landowners: evaluation of Ohio’s cooperative program, Pathways: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference, Kenya.

K. Slagle, J. Bruskotter, M. Stranger, G. Karns. Applying the SEEDS Framework: A case study of white-tailed deer in Ohio. Conference for the Society of Conservation Biology, Denver, Colorado.


Stavros Constantinou, PhD, professor of geography was one of only two university-wide faculty to be awarded a Sustainability Institute grant for his education abroad course called “Geography of the European Union” and was recently featured recently in the Office of International Affairs newsletter.

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Karns, G., L. Ober, K. Smith, S. Matthews. 2020. Freeman’s maple (red x silver) potential for syrup production and resilience in Ohio’s forests. United States Department of Agriculture ACER Grant program. $217,148.13.

Kip Curtis, associate professor of environmental history at Ohio State Mansfield and faculty fellow in the Office of Outreach and Engagement, has been selected to receive a $89,976 grant from the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (NCR-SARE) for the project, "Growing the Growers: Leadership Training and the Development of Key Personnel for Engaged Production in the Mansfield Microfarm Project."

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Exhibition and Performances

Kate Shannon, associate professor of art, currently has two shows going on in different parts of the country. She is featured in a show that opened in October in Lyon College's Kresge Gallery in Arkansas entitled, “Lie, Cheat, Steal: Contemporary Art and Ethics.” The curator says that the show, “seeks to frame issues of honesty and integrity in ways that may be serious, humorous or even provocative”.

Also, until mid-December, Shannon’s solo exhibition “Lifted and Leaden” will be featured in the Sheetz Gallery at Penn State Altoona.

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J. Thrasher. Political Discord, national juried exhibition, Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. Online exhibition ran October-November 2020.

Ohio State Mansfield Theatre fall 2020 season offered snippets of Louis Bromfield, “Bromfield is an under-appreciated genius, and we are excited to bring samples of one of his lesser-known works to local audiences,” said Joseph Fahey, associate professor of theatre. Additionally, the theatre program distilled the world-famous classic Oedipus down to a vital, dynamic story. “Our hope is to make it available to schools as a free resource for studying and performing Greek tragedies.”

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The artwork of John Thrasher, associate professor of art, has recently been accepted for the November 2020 national juried exhibition “Panic” at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA.

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