Research at Ohio State

If you could sum up academics at Ohio State in one word, it would be exploration. Research opportunities abound for undergraduates who are ready to explore science and industry challenges outside the classroom.

Can you imagine yourself identifying the organic matter and carbonate content of wetlands soils? Or traveling with a world-renowned professor to study mangrove pollination in the Bahamas? These are among the many research projects faculty and students embark on at Ohio State Mansfield. Propose your own research project or become a research assistant. Many of our students have presented their findings at national conferences and the prestigious Denman Undergraduate Research Forum each spring in Columbus.

Along with their individual research, and supporting undergraduate and graduate students’ research efforts, our faculty are being published, exhibiting their work and making an impact in their communities, and our world. Find out what our faculty is doing here.

Ohio State Mansfield faculty – tell us what you are doing!

Research, grants, publications, awards and recognition, community engagement, graduate or undergraduate research, etc.

Seeking grants or foundation funding for research or support 
to develop a solid proposal?

Contact Cindy Wood or Dee Delaney to understand available resources and support.