Strategic Plan

Picture outside Riedl Hall

All strategic planning at The Ohio State University is aligned with the university’s vision, mission, values, and its four core goals of teaching and learning, research and innovation, outreach and engagement, and resource stewardship.

The Mansfield campus of The Ohio State University offers a range of pre-professional and liberal arts majors. Student satisfaction is high relative to other regional campuses in the state of Ohio. In response to student and employer demands, we are expanding our curriculum to include a bachelor of science in engineering technology and more options (including organic chemistry) for students interested in healthcare. Our Math Literacy Initiative is working with primary and secondary schools to improve mathematics teaching and learning. Our EcoLab team is working with internal and external partners to serve as a hub for environmental sustainability research and teaching, including a microfarm project that offers an innovative intervention in our region’s food system. Retention and graduation rates place our campus in the top five open-admissions college campuses in Ohio; even so, one of our primary goals is to increase those markers of student success.

The City of Mansfield and its surrounding communities are in the midst of an economic revitalization driven by expansions in healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism. Ohio State Mansfield is helping to accelerate the region’s economic growth by raising educational attainment rates and preparing students for a wide variety of careers that support employers in our region. We are expanding our curriculum to align with workforce needs. We are also partnering with public school systems to help improve outcomes and expand educational opportunities. Ohio State Mansfield has a critical role to play in our region’s success because demand for college-educated workers is increasing.