The Ohio State University at Mansfield

BSSW Requirements

An applicant must be admitted to the University as well as to the College of Social Work. Upon admission to the university, you will begin as a “pre-social work” student and complete pre-major coursework during your first two years of study. For information on admission to The Ohio State University, please visit Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience. If you are a current Ohio State student interested in changing your area of study to social work, or you are a transfer student from another institution interested in pursuing social work at Ohio State, you should contact one of the social work advisors listed below. All students are required to apply to the social work major, and the majority of students apply to the major during their second year. However, if you are able to complete all of the pre-major coursework during your first year, you can apply to begin your major during your second year in the College of Social Work. Transfer students and current Ohio State students changing their major to social work may be eligible to apply directly to the social work major if they have completed the pre-major coursework.

The College of Social Work admits students to the major for fall semesters only, because major courses are offered one time per year and junior major courses commence in fall semesters. In general, the application materials to the major are available beginning the 10th week of fall semester. Applications are reviewed and admission decisions are made on a rolling basis, up until the start of the following fall semester or until the major has reached maximum capacity. The admissions process is based upon the following indicators:

  • cumulative grade point average
  • completion of the pre-major coursework
  • composition and content of a personal statement
  • evidence of emotional and professional readiness to work with clients
  • work and/or volunteer experiences related to social work
  • enrollment capacity
  • a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative point-hour ratio
  • a minimum 2.0 pre-major point-hour ratio after completion of the required pre-major courses

All future social work major students must complete the major application. If you are transferring into the social work major from another university or college, you must complete the application process to The Ohio State University as well as to the College of Social Work.

To apply to the major, you must submit the following:

  • 2015_BSSW Personal Statement
  • Degree Audit (current OSU students) or unofficial transcript (students transferring from another college or university)

The above requirements must be submitted to the BSSW Application Form.