The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Sexuality Studies Minor

The minor in sexuality studies focuses on the social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, and political contexts in which human sexualities have been and are currently being expressed and theorized. The minor pays particular attention to the tension between non-normative sexualities and the concept of heterosexuality against which they are typically defined. It also investigates the ways that sexuality is shaped by social differences connected to race, gender, (dis)ability, nationality, and social class.

This minor requires 12 credit hours, with at least 6 hours selected from the central courses listed under the “Courses” tab on this website. The remaining 6 hours can be taken from these courses and/or the list of electives. At least three of the 12 hours should come from a college outside the student's own. A number of the courses listed under the “Courses” tab have prerequisites, which must be taken or waived by the instructor, and enrollment in some courses may be limited because of demand or available space. No more than 6 credit hours of course work at the 2000 level may count toward the minor. Students and faculty may petition the campus advisor to count courses other than those listed under the “Courses” tab to fulfill the requirements of the minor. To be approved, at least 50% of the course content must address sexuality. After the campus advisor for the sexuality studies minor has approved the student’s Minor Program Form, the student must file the form with his/her academic advisor. For further information, contact the campus advisor, Dr. Norman Jones.