Department of Art

three separate images of students working on art projects

The art area at Ohio State Mansfield is part of Ohio State University's Department of Art. The Department of Art's mission is to champion the value of the visual arts in the cultural and intellectual life of the University and the community. By training the eye, hand, and mind in traditional and new media and forms, we nurture creative expression and instill appreciation of the central importance of the arts to dynamic, innovative lives.

Mansfield campus art students may complete Minor in Studio Art or begin course work towards a BA or BFA degree in Studio Art and then campus change to Columbus to complete their degrees. Ohio State Mansfield facilities include a fully equipped digital arts lab, wet darkroom, drawing studio, and ceramics facilities with capabilities for gas and electric firing. In addition, the campus gallery showcases contemporary artists from around the world and offers part-time employment opportunities for work-study eligible students.

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