The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Staff Spotlight: Suzanna Roemer

March 15, 2023

Coming Home to Step Out of Her Comfort Zone

“I always wanted to go to college. I've always enjoyed learning and going to school, and my dream was to at least earn my bachelor's degree -- but I always hoped to go further!”

Suzanna Roemer, an OSU Alumna speaks on her impactful college experience at Mansfield. From stepping out of comfort zone and onto the stage in theatre, to making new friends on Homecoming Court, working as a research assistant, becoming a tutor and many more!

Attending Ohio State Mansfield helped Suzanna hone in on her career interests and goals to essentially identify what profession best fits her. Upon completing her field experience at a major local non-profit, she was able to secure her first full-time job after graduating at Buckeye Imagination Museum (formerly known as Little Buckeye Children’s Museum). Now, she is chasing her next dream by furthering her education to receive her master’s degree in Learning Technology.

What Suzanna loved most while attending Ohio State Mansfield is the tight-knit community and environment on campus.

“Everyone on campus is friendly and approachable, and along with the small class sizes, it makes it easy to build meaningful relationships with the staff and faculty and feel seen on campus”.

Suzanna currently works as the Library Associate here on campus, connecting with students and supporting them in any way possible.

“If I can help a student find what they are looking for or solve a problem -- or just raise their spirits -- that feels meaningful to me!”.