The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Patriotism in the Eleventh Hour

November 10, 2020

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The end of hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect. Though World War I wouldn’t end until seven months later, President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11 to be Armistice Day, a day to remember the long-awaited cease fire, the beginning of peace after the Great War, and the men and women who fought bravely to secure that peace. We now recognize all Veterans on November 11. Ohio State Mansfield is proud of the thousands of staff and students over the years who have served and takes time on this day each year to celebrate and thank our veterans and active military.

Ohio State strives to create an environment that encourages and welcomes veterans and services members on all of its campuses. The Mansfield campus has staff members available to support veterans. Edward Matthews, the on-campus veteran counselor, offers counseling support and Ohio State Mansfield also provides other services to ensure veterans can succeed in their studies and careers. From educational and vocational counseling, job readiness development to veteran tutoring services, Ohio State Mansfield is dedicated to offering veterans the assistance they need to be successful Buckeyes.

“Ohio State Mansfield has been blessed with very strong student veteran advocates who work behind the scenes with campus personnel to raise awareness and support for veterans in transition,” shared Cindy Wood, director of development and community relations at Ohio State Mansfield and Ohio State alumna.

A former student and Army reservist, Wood remembers that the faculty and students did everything they could to support her in her service and education. “For many veterans, they feel alone or have world experiences that set them apart, but Ohio State Mansfield welcomes all and so many are willing to assist our veterans whenever needed.”

As fellow students and faculty members, we can help support our student veterans and active military in the classroom and beyond. Scott Sparks, Ohio State Mansfield’s Veteran Community Advocate (VCA), suggests that students remember that veterans in their classrooms, “have lived real experiences all over the world and their input is credible and valuable.”

James Webster, a senior and middle childhood education major, came to Ohio State Mansfield after serving in the United States Navy for eight years. “I never imagined I would find the same type of support, camaraderie or respect found in the military until I enrolled at Ohio State Mansfield,” Webster said.

Webster credits the educators and students at Ohio State Mansfield for his smooth transition to college life after his years of service and says their dedication to the support of veterans and commitment to excellence make him proud to be a Buckeye. Of patriotism in the classroom and beyond, Webster said, “Whether we choose to serve in the military, the classroom or a boardroom, we as Buckeyes strive to better ourselves, our community and our country each and every day.”

The spirit of patriotism is alive on Ohio State Mansfield’s campus, and with our veterans and military service students. We respect and honor these students as examples of this patriotism, and we are proud that they have chosen our campus as their home.

“When I look at my flag, I don’t think of our government or presidential candidates,” said Andrew Murfield, an Army veteran and third-year Ohio State Mansfield English major. “I think of the people that live here, the people for whom I served our country for six years. That’s what patriotism really is.”

- Written by Gabriella DeYoe, writer and Ohio State Mansfield student