The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Melody Hartle: Champion for Ohio State Mansfield

Melody Hartle is the student member of The Ohio State University at Mansfield Board of Trustees, serving a term from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. She serves on the Mansfield Board’s Student Experience Committee which monitors services provided to students to ensure they are in line with established priorities and strategies and consistent with Ohio State guidelines. She also advises the board on student life matters.

But that’s just her bio on the Board of Trustees website. Melody Hartle is so much more!

A graduate of Amherst High School in 2014, Hartle’s goal was to attend The Ohio State University, just like her dad, her mom, and her brother before her. She had never heard of Ohio State’s regional campuses until she was not admitted to Columbus, but referred to Ohio State Mansfield instead. Disappointed at first, her research into the Mansfield campus revealed that it was a perfect pathway to her dream of graduating from Ohio State. “This I can do!” she said to herself.

Although Hartle had already arranged to begin classes in Autumn 2014, she became ill and spent 1 ½ years in and out of hospitals before receiving a diagnosis that put her on the road to recovery. When she informed her advisors and financial aid specialist that she would not be coming, they, instead of saying, “Okay, let us know when you’re better,” formed an amazing support group for Hartle. During the eighteen months she was ill, they kept in touch with updates, tidbits of information about campus, and frequent get-well and look-forward-to-seeing-you-soon messages.

Hartle had been unsure about a major when she first applied to Ohio State, but during her recovery, her doctor, Dr. Toby Cosgrove, found an internship for her shadowing him and helping with day-to-day responsibilities in his office. As she recovered and returned to campus, she realized that 1) she would major in Health Sciences with the goal of becoming a pediatric Physician’s Assistant, and 2) Ohio State Mansfield was the best place ever!

She also became passionate to share the good news about Ohio State Mansfield. Because she had not known about Ohio State’s regional campuses while she was making her college choices, she decided more high-school students need to know about us and how much impact the campus has had on her life. She is currently working on a video project to share with students at Amherst High School and other schools in the area northwest of Cleveland.

Hartle strives to do well in everything she does. She noted instructors have made a huge difference in her life. Hartle singled out Suma Robinson, a lecturer in Biology, as an example. She struggled in Introduction to Biology, but Professor Robinson encouraged, tutored, and convinced her that she could do better, which she did! Hartle was also a member of the 2016 Ohio State Mansfield Homecoming Court and received A Scholarship Access Award.

Her other activities keep her busy too. She volunteered as a telecounselor her first year and helped out at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC). She now works at the CRC and received the Employee of the Month award in 2015 and 2016. Jen Racer, her supervisor, noted that “She is a wonderful employee…and a great friend to her co-workers.”

In sum, Melody Hartle is living proof that, on the Ohio State Mansfield campus, “You ARE a Buckeye!" in every sense of the word.