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Mansfield Campus Student Finds Adventure Studying Abroad

Francesca Hadden, sophomore anthropology student, took a trip to Athens for the last two days of her education abroad program in Corfu, Greece and climbed The Acropolis.

Mansfield, OH – Imagine going to class on an island surrounded by rugged mountains and Venetian fortresses. If you think that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Francesca Hadden, a sophomore anthropology student, got to do just that. Hadden is one of many The Ohio State University students who take advantage of the Education Abroad program.

During Hadden’s freshman year at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, she decided to study abroad in Greece. “I chose to study abroad because I love to travel,” Hadden explains. “What better time to travel than when you are in college.” At Ohio State, Education Abroad students can earn credit through an exchange program or foreign university, complete an independent study or service project, conduct research or participate in an internship program.

Hadden climbed up on the New Fortress and celebrated the adventure.
It’s something Hadden always knew she wanted to do; she just needed to narrow down where she wanted to go. “I looked at the course content the trips had to offer. My final choices were between geography (Cyprus) and history (Greece), so then I just had to pick the country that I preferred,” she says.

Hadden decided on Corfu, Greece.

When Hadden arrived in Corfu, she quickly adjusted to the culture and way of life. As for the classroom, she felt right at home. “The classes are very similar to the courses at Ohio State Mansfield, just condensed into four weeks,” Hadden explains.

The Introduction to Western Tradition and Contemporary Issues course gives students the opportunity to visit museums while studying archeological sites and learning about western civilization and modern issues in European society.

There are many adventures students can take outside of the classroom while studying abroad as well. “My favorite memory would have to be sitting in a restaurant with my whole group and just watching the sunset over the sea,” says Hadden.

View from Hadden's hotel room on the first night she arrived in Corfu, Greece.
Hadden has advice for students thinking about taking the journey. She says, “The perfect time to travel and have fun is in your college years. My advice is to just let loose, make new friends and have fun. Travel after you study abroad, too. This summer I plan on taking a road trip across the United States because of my new found love of adventure.”

Hadden took many side trips during her time in Greece. She visited the best-known castle in Corfu and enjoyed a “fun day” at Paleokastritsa, one of the most visited tourist attractions. Hadden also had the opportunity to explore Athens, Greece for the last two days of her trip and climb to the top of the Acropolis, the ancient citadel which overlooks the city of Athens.

View over Corfu, Greece.
If you are an Ohio State Mansfield student thinking about studying abroad, make an appointment with your academic advisor.
They can help you explore all of the available programs that will fit your academic plan.

There are several scholarships available to help students who wish to study abroad. You must be formally accepted into an Education Abroad program through the Office of International Affairs before aid can be determined.

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