The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Amy Brunell

Contact Information

Amy Brunell
Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator
The Ohio State University at Mansfield
1760 University Drive
Mansfield, OH 44906

Office: Ovalwood 327
Phone: 419-755-4119


Ph.D. (2007). University of Georgia (Social Psychology)
M.A. (2002). The College of William & Mary (General Psychology)
B.A. (2000). Muhlenberg College (Psychology & Spanish)

Research Interests

  • Narcissism and Social Context
  • Intimacy and Satisfaction in Close Relationships


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Social Psychology
  • The Self

Selected Publications

Brunell, A. B., *Robison, J., *Deems, N.P., & Okdie, B.M. (2018) Are Narcissists More Attracted to People in Relationships Than to People Not in Relationships? PLOS One. (IF= 2.806)

Brunell, A. B., & Buelow, M. T. (2018). Homogenous scales of narcissism: Using the Psychological Entitlement Scale, Interpersonal Exploitativeness Scale, and Narcissistic Grandiosity Scale to study narcissism. Personality and Individual Differences. (IF = 1.946)

Brown, A. A. & Brunell, A. B. (2017). The "modest mask"? An investigation of vulnerable narcissists' implicit self-esteem. Personality and Individual Differences, 119, 160-167. (IF = 1.946)

Brunell, A. B., & Buelow, M. T. (2017). Narcissism and performance on behavioral decision-making tasks. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 30, 3-14. (IF = 2.069)

Daddis, C., & Brunell, A. B. (2015). Entitlement, exploitativeness, and reasoning about everyday transgressions: A social domain analysis. Journal of Research in Personality, 58, 115-126. (IF = 2.264)

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Brunell, A. B., Davis, M . S., Schley, D. R., Eng, A., van Dulmen, M. H. M., Wester, K. L., & Flannery, D. J. (2013). A new measure of interpersonal exploitativeness. Frontiers in Psychology, 4:299.
Interpersonal Exploitativeness Scale

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