Campus Recreation Center - Facilities

Indoor Facilities

Facility Check-In

All individuals accessing the facility, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, family members, and guests, are required to check in before use. The check-in desk is the first window to the right when you walk in the doors. BuckID or NC State ID should be presented by students, faculty, and staff, while alumni must present their issued Alumni Pass, and family pass holders must present their issued Family Pass. Guests can enter the facility only with a student, faculty, staff, alumni, or family member.

Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout is available to all members and guests of the Campus Recreation Center, including students, faculty, staff, alumni pass, and family pass holders. If you are facing the facility check-in window, it is the door to the left.

Cardio and Stretching Area

· Two ARC Trainers

· Four Ellipticals

· One Jacobs Ladder Climbing Machine

· Two Rowing Machines

· One Stair Climber

· Two Upright Bikes

· Two Recumbent Bikes

· One Spin Bike

· Five Treadmills

· One Top Arm Bike

· Four TVs

· One Heavy Punching Bag

· One Speed Punching Bag

· Dumbbells – 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb

· One High-Step Platform with Four Risers

· One Bose balance ball

· Ten Resistance bands

· Four Jump Ropes

Weight Room

· One Bench Press

· One Squat Rack

· One Calf Raise

· One Preacher Curl

· One Assisted Chin Up/Dip Machine

· One Leg Press

· One Cable Crossover

· Nine Kettlebells from 5lb-50lb

· Dumbbells from 5lb-80lb

· Free weights from 2.5lb-45lb

· One Bose balance ball

· One Trap bar

Gymnasium – 15,000 sq. ft.

· One Full Basketball Court

· Two Practice Basketball Courts

· Volleyball Court

· Badminton Court

· Pickleball Court

· Bleachers for 1,158 Spectators

Locker Rooms

· Locker Area

· Shower Area

· Hand/Hair Dryers

· One Stall

· One Sink

· Men’s: One Urinal

Outdoor Facilities

Athletic Field

· Used for flag football, soccer, kickball, and more!

Basketball Court

· Located at Molyet Village

Walking Path

· Runs throughout campus

· Lighted