The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Boone prefers small campus atmosphere at the Mansfield campus

December 16, 2021

After graduating high school, Matt Boone decided to attend The Ohio State University at Mansfield after being optioned from the Columbus campus. Being from the Cleveland area, Boone lived on campus and was very active in the gym and intramural sports.

Originally planning to stay at the Mansfield campus all four-years, Boone decided to try the full experience of the larger campus and transitioned to Columbus just after two years. “The transition to the Columbus campus was very easy,” said Boone.

A criminology major, Boone quickly decided the smaller campus atmosphere was for him and transitioned back to the Mansfield campus. “I missed knowing my academic advisors and professors on a personal level,” said Boone. “The academic advisors on the Mansfield campus really care about the students and help them to succeed.”

Graduating in December, Boone is not sure of his future plans. With his family in the area, he will most likely return to Cleveland. “I would still like to intern, as I’m considering careers in probation, parole or even social work.”

Boone encourages students to consider the Mansfield campus. “My degree will still be from The Ohio State University,” said Boone. “The Mansfield campus keeps you on track and it will benefit you in the long run.”