The Ohio State University at Mansfield

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College will challenge you both inside and outside of the classroom
For many students, the transition to college is challenging. Even our brightest students experience “growing pains”—learning to navigate coursework, new social opportunities, and personal development. These challenges are necessary for growth. Our dedicated staff will help you have successful, fulfilling experiences while you reap the benefits of a campus community committed to your success.

During your first year…
First Year Experience
Building a strong foundation during your first year is the key to continued success.

The First Year Experience (FYE) programs here at Ohio State Mansfield will help you build community, structure, and skills that you can use throughout college and beyond. You will have opportunities to get to know your peers, connect with the campus community, and experience being a Buckeye!

We encourage you to take advantage of these programs. They are designed specifically for incoming students, and you will be exposed to resources designed to support you at Ohio State. Please note that some of these programs begin the summer before autumn semester. It’s a little extra work that will provide a lot of benefits to you as you begin your Buckeye journey.

Get connected before you enroll…
Disability Services
Disability Services supports students with documented disabilities. If you have not contacted the office for pre-admissions services, we encourage you to contact the office prior to the start of classes to learn about services and programs.

Camp Hetuck
Incoming students who take part in this free leadership experience are empowered to take full advantage of their college experience by getting involved. Through team building, leadership education, and numerous activities, first year students will meet faculty, staff, and current students.

Your first weeks…

Convocation & Dean's Picnic
Join us at the official welcome for new students. The day before Autumn courses begin, all new students gather in Founders Auditorium to begin their college career together as Buckeyes. Students hear from current students, the Dean and Director of your Mansfield Campus, and other faculty and staff. The Dean's Picnic follows Convocation, where students mix and mingle with their classmates, new professors, and other members of the campus community.

Welcome Week
Welcome Week is an annual tradition at Ohio State Mansfield to help students make new friends and learn about the campus. This year, Welcome Week has so many events that it is being expanded. Focusing on meeting new people and having fun during your first week and getting (re)acquainted with campus services and academic opportunities in the second.

Once you’re on campus…
Academic Support and Tutoring
Many students find that there are subjects that are especially challenging. The Conard Learning Center (CLC) is one of the busiest places on campus, and the staff is ready to support you. Whether you are seeking help for math, statistics, writing, building your general academic skills, or strengthening your study skills, the CLC staff is ready to empower you with new tools and knowledge.

Career Exploration and Preparation
You may be asking yourself, “How do students translate their courses to a fulfilling career?” We have professional advisors to help you at each stage of your academic journey. We encourage you to work with trained staff and faculty as you make degree plans, connect to career preparatory activities, and consider the next steps after your undergraduate study.

Counseling and Wellness
For many students, the transition to college can be stressful. We have dedicated professionals who are prepared to help you find balance in the 9 dimensions of wellness: emotional, career, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial, creative and environmental. Take advantage of services to develop skills that will support you in college and beyond.

Education Abroad
Many students take advantage of the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience other cultures by enrolling in one of Ohio State’s 100+ education abroad programs. Many Mansfield faculty members have their own programs which you and your friends may participate! Recent study abroad opportunities include: Environmental Sustainability in Costa Rica, studying the cultural heritages of Central America, or modern issues in Corfu, Greece. As you plan your study abroad program, we encourage you to check out the Mansfield Campus Travel Grant can help make your dream a reality.

Support Services

Our entire campus is determined to help students who choose Mansfield succeed. Often, students need personalized help developing study skills, connecting to course material, and navigating campus resources. Our Academic Success Meetings provide one-on-one, customized skills and support to ensure our students will be successful. There’s no limit to how many times you can meet with staff, and it pays off: students who meet more often with our Coordinator of Academic Success show dramatic increases in their GPAs.