Global Education

The world is your campus.

As a student at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, you can discover the excitement and eye-opening experience of international learning and travel through our study abroad program. Ohio State students have the opportunity to explore every continent. And as a Mansfield campus student, you will be given priority access to two popular destinations: Corfu, Greece, and the island nation of Cyprus. At Ohio State, study abroad is a safe way to travel and a closer view of another country, its people, geography and culture.

Why study abroad?

You’ll gain:

1 Cultural experiences.

You don’t need to speak a foreign language to be accepted — unless, of course, language study is part of your major.

2 Lifelong friendships.

You’ll form friendships with your fellow students — and often with the people of the country you’ll call home.

3 Resume building.

You'll have an experience that can set you apart as you move into your career and life.

4 Academic credit.

Virtually every study abroad program will count toward credits you need to graduate. Contact your academic advisor for details.

Plan ahead — and find resources to help with cost.

Study abroad opportunities are open to all enrolled students. And if you want to make study abroad part of your Ohio State experience, it’s best to plan at least six months in advance. Doing so will help you make the best choice about where you want to study and which programs might best serve you and your career.

Costs vary based on your destination and the length of stay. As an Ohio State at Mansfield student, you can apply for a:

Ohio State’s Office of International Affairs also offers grants and scholarships for all Ohio State students, regardless of campus location. For more information on all of the programs available, funding, webinars, etc. go to:

students looking down at an ancient floor historical site

Connect with us today to start your study abroad adventure.

There’s a lot to take in as you consider making study abroad part of your Ohio State Mansfield experience. And for help on what to do — and when and how — contact our Global Education Specialist, Jennifer Bickley at She can answer your questions and guide you to make the world your campus.