Course ASC 1101

ASC 1101 First or Second Year Seminar: Current Events and Society.

Wednesday 11:15-12:35
Instructor: Adrienne Hopson

“This seminar will focus on social justice as it connects to society, communities and the human and societal components of disease. This seminar is intended to help connect students to the University environment and adjust to college life.”

This class will focus on, and connect, two current events topics; social justice and disease. We will look at social justice from the broad lens of what it is and how it relates to society as whole. We will then narrow in on how this topic interconnects with smaller communities, like cities, towns and our own campus. We will also investigate disease. We will look at how disease and illness are connected to human activity, how they impact communities and then we will come full circle and look at how social justice plays a part in disease spread and treatment in various communities and groups. As we cover these two topics we will analyze how categories like race, sex and LGBTQ status interconnect with various aspects of both. We will also investigate university and campus resources for a variety of areas.