The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Speaker's Bureau

Berra, Tim M.
Professor Emeritus, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology
  • Charles Darwin: The Man
  • Life History of the Australian Salamanderfish:
  • Fishing With a Shovel and a Firetruck
  • Recovery and Preservation of a Megamouth Shark from Western Australia
  • Chasing Nurseryfish and Avoiding Crocodiles in Australia's Northern Territory

  • Consultant: Fish Identifican, Ecology of Streams
Bucci, Terri Teal
Associate Professor, Education: Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Mathematics through the Process Standards: Representations, Reasoning/Proof, Connections, Communications, and Problem Solving
  • Teaching Mathematics through Modeling
  • Grant Writing: Finding, Creating, Writing, & Evaluation
  • Using Backwards Design in Organizations and Schools
  • Education in Developing Countries
Callahan, Cynthia A.
Associate Professor, English
  • African American Literature and Culture
  • The Culture of Adoption and Kinship in the United States, including Transracial Adoption, Domestic and International
  • Ethnic American Literature
  • Multiracial Identity
Constantinou, Stavros
Associate Professor, Geography
  • Ethnicity, with special emphasis on Greek Americans
  • Geography of Southern Europe
  • Migration (Greek and Cypriot)
Costa, Ozeas S.
Associate Professor, School of Earth Sciences
  • Brazil: Culture and nature in a land of contrasts:
  • How good is Your water
  • Water: How much do we need and how much is available
  • Using GIS for managing natural resources
  • Using GIS for prevention of natural disasters
  • Using GIS in the health sector
  • GIS for managing public utilities
  • Life and change at the Ohio River Basin
Delagrange, Susan
Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Digital Media
  • Computers and Culture
  • Business and Professional Writing
  • Web Sites, Wikis, Blogs - What is the Internet For?
Hartz, Glenn
Professor, Philosophy
  • Business Ethics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Religion
  • Technology and Human Values
  • Philosophy
Jones, Norman
Associate Dean, English
  • Christianity and Homosexuality
  • What Has Athens To Do with Jerusalem? The Place of Christianity in Public Universities
Kennedy, Gary
Professor of Mathematics
  • Jared Mansfield
Mazzocco, Philip
Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Racism
  • Color-Blind Racism
  • Racial Disparity
Poggo, Scopas S.
Associate Professor, African American & African Studies
  • The Changing Patterns of Marriage Among the Kuku People of Southern Sudan, 1880-2002
  • Kuku Traditional Regligion before the Arrival of Christianity, 1880-1915
  • From Military Rule to Multi-Party Democracy in Africa
  • The Root causes of the Sudanese Civil Wars, 1965-2003
  • African History
  • Modern Middle East
  • African-American Studies
  • Sudanese History
  • Medieval Islamic History
Putikka, Bill
Professor of Physics
Schopieray, Pamela
Coordinator, Career Services & Community Service Work-Study
  • Career Planning: Self Assessment and Career Exploration
  • Career Planning: Becoming More Competitive through Leadership, Community Service and Internship Experiences
  • Career Planning: The MBTI and Career Development
  • Job Search Strategies & Techniques • Getting Started
  • The Art of Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Sources of Job Listings
Stewart, Rick
Academic Advisor
  • Preparing for College
  • Academic Problem Solving
  • Strategies for Academic Success in College
  • Setting Goals Related to Academic Planning
  • Returning to College after an Extended Absence
Tanner, Heather
Associate Professor, History
  • Power, Piety & Production - Medieval Women
  • Islam & the West
  • Popular Piety in the Middle Ages
  • The 12th Economic Take Off
Thrasher, John
Associate Professor, Art
  • From Lake Beds to Your Home......and Beyond, Clay in Art and Industry

  • Ceramics
  • Glaze Calculation & Coloration
  • Components of coloration in glazes
  • Drawing
  • Mural Painting
  • Sculputural Fabrication Using a Variety of Materials & Techniques
Tovey, David
Professor, Music
  • Issues and Trends in Sacred Music
  • Organ Recitalist and Choral Clinician
  • Multicultural Education Mexican Culture
  • Musical Leadership for Elementary Classroom Teachers