Mansfield campus ambassadors tell their Buckeye stories

We had the opportunity to learn from Ohio State Mansfield ambassadors what it was like to attend the Mansfield campus, their advice for students, and how the people, connections and experiences found here prepare all Buckeyes to make their impact.

Name: Brian Daugherty
Position: Senior Managing Consultant at RealFoundations
Major: Accounting
Graduation Year: 1998

Q. What is your Buckeye story?

A. It was only a matter of months until the magnitude of what I had embarked upon, and what I was rapidly becoming a part of, began to take root. If you would have asked me during my freshman year—or senior for that matter—where I would be in 20 years, I would not have been able to craft the story that has become my life.

Across countless boardrooms, billion-dollar companies, and the millions of miles traveled, I have yet to go anywhere that my O-H was not met with an I-O. Knowing, at a fundamental level, that you will never again walk alone is such a profound testament to what it means to be a Buckeye!

Q. Why should students choose to study at Ohio State Mansfield?

A. There is a Latin verse I’ve always appreciated that elegantly reflects the vast potential of Ohio State Mansfield: Sic Parvis Magna – Greatness from small beginnings. You don’t need to solve the biggest, most complex problems currently facing you, nor do you need to have it all figured out right now. You just need to start the journey and write your own Buckeye Story.

Name: Andrew Maynor
Position: Wells (Drilling) Supervisor at Shell Oil
Major: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2007

Q. What is your Buckeye story?

A. As a first-generation college student after graduating from Ontario High School, I really was unsure what steps were next except that I wanted to go to a university. I entered Ohio State Mansfield with some ideas as to what I may want to do, but quickly those ideas changed. I took a Psychology class with Dr. Dennis Shaffer and loved it. After this class, I took another and then got involved in research. Before too long, I was helping write academic papers.

In addition to this experience, I was a Buckeye Ambassador, giving on-campus tours to prospective students. This allowed me to appreciate the diversity of students that come to The Ohio State University at Mansfield, as well introduced me to the variety of resources available on campus. Ultimately these experiences enabled me to be a well-rounded student, preparing me both academically and developmentally to be competitive in the next chapter of my journey. I completed a master's degree in labor and human resources at The Ohio State University in 2009, and I began working for Shell Oil.

Q. Why should students choose to study at Ohio State Mansfield?

A. One of the key parts of an individual's journey is learning to make big decisions. Often one of the first major decisions we make is what to do after high school. This can be a really challenging period, as there are a variety of factors that come into play.

The Ohio State University at Mansfield provides a globally recognized brand, a trove of resources, a competitive price, and a small caring community. In my opinion, it is the best of all worlds. At Ohio State Mansfield, you have all the capability of The Ohio State University and a community that is small and caring and enables students to be set up for success wherever they go next.

Name: Amanda Brooks
Position: Chief Financial Officer of J3, LLC and Accounting Services for Inside Edge, Inc.
Major: Psychology
Graduation Year: 1994

Q. What is your Buckeye story?

A. I began at The Ohio State University at Mansfield as a Post-secondary Education Options student coming out of Mansfield Senior High. The small classes and attentive and engaging professors made this campus ideal. I felt connected to the classes and comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions. When I enrolled at The Ohio State University’s Columbus Campus for my "freshman" year of college, I had quite a few of my general requirements completed. I felt prepared for the classroom and confident moving around campus. I knew the system and felt thankful to have a year of courses under my belt from my time at Ohio State Mansfield.

Q. Why should students choose to study at Ohio State Mansfield?

A. I think it is beyond important to connect with peers and mentors as you traverse academics and explore career options. There are so many pieces and parts that you just don't know. The more connected you are and the more conversations you have the better able you are to ask questions.

At Ohio State Mansfield, you get the benefit of a large university at a regional campus where you can forge relationships, navigate academics and confidently build skill and engage in discovery. The personal connection with professors and access to educators and support are top notch.

Name: Pamela Siegenthaler
Position: Retired, President/CEO of Richland County Foundation
Connection to The Ohio State University at Mansfield: Former Board Member, Mansfield Board

Q. What is your Buckeye story?

A. I have always been enthused about education and The Ohio State University. I often worked with Ohio State Mansfield staff and faculty during my time at the Richland County Foundation. When I retired, I no longer had a conflict of interest and was invited to serve on the Mansfield Board at Ohio State Mansfield, which is mostly composed of local leaders.

Q. Why should students choose to study at Ohio State Mansfield?

A. You can get a quality education at Ohio State Mansfield where small classes are taught by faculty who have the highest degrees in their fields, which is usually a PhD. Faculty are available to students, along with many other services. There are many opportunities for students to participate in campus organizations and activities, as well as internship opportunities through local businesses. Students can start most majors on the Mansfield campus and several programs can be completed here. Students can live by the campus in either Molyet Village or Buckeye Village apartments.

It is not only important to get a high quality education, but also to graduate with little or no debt. Tuition is lower at Ohio State Mansfield and there are fewer fees than on the Columbus campus. For example, students do not have to pay for parking.