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Randal Roberts-Anderson chosen 2017 Campaign Chair of Richland Gives Campaign

Recently, Randal Roberts-Anderson was named 2017 Honorary Chair of The Ohio State University at Mansfield’s campaign during Richland Gives. He came to Ohio State Mansfield as a first-generation student. During his final year, he encountered a shortage of funds for tuition that might have caused him to quit. He reached out to his academic advisor, and thanks to the student emergency support fund, his remaining needs were covered and he graduated on time.

He remembers the relief he felt after receiving this small, meaningful grant from the Student Emergency Fund, and he wants to encourage others to give too. “For many years, I thought, I don’t have a lot, so I can’t give a lot. Then, I realized, you don’t need a lot. A small gift is truly huge. In Woody Hayes style, it’s time to pay it forward,” said Roberts-Anderson.

We sat down with Roberts-Anderson to discuss his journey as a Buckeye, and his career in the banking industry.

When did you attend The Ohio State University at Mansfield?
“I attended Ohio State Mansfield from 2003-2005. I double majored in political science and sociology. I transitioned to The Ohio State University in Columbus to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.”

What made you choose Ohio State Mansfield?
“I chose Ohio State Mansfield because it was affordable and close to my family.”

What did you like most about the campus/classes at Ohio State Mansfield?
“I loved the small class size. It gave me the ability to get to know other students and faculty better. The personal attention I was able to receive from professors made me excel. The campus also allowed me to serve in leadership positions on campus, from a board member to a math lab tutor. I really could shine because of the small university setting.”

What class had the most significant impact on you?
“My entry-level college math classes impacted me the most, especially Dr. Victor Burke’s classes. There are so many different reasons, not just one. Those reasons still impact me to this day!”

How has Ohio State Mansfield prepared you for your career?
“The Ohio State University at Mansfield taught me how to be a leader. It helped me learn the principles of hard work. The university also helped me realize how I can adapt to different types of settings, which is critical for business success. I work with senior leaders on forecasting business projects which involves a ton of math. My degree from The Ohio State University was a major key to a great career.”

What student organizations were you involved in on campus? Were you awarded any scholarships?
“I was elected to the board of trustees as the student representative for two terms but left early to transition to the Columbus campus. I also served on many committees with Dr. Evelyn Freeman discussing student and campus related matters. I received several scholarships including one from the Richland County Alumni Association.”

What advice would you give to a student studying at Ohio State Mansfield?
“I would tell them to balance working with studies and getting involved on campus. College degrees are the key to your success; they are not the reason you will be successful though. Your degree is only one part of the equation that will get you through the door of a great company or organization. Once you arrive, the rest is up to you! Most people working with you will also have their degree. View that as an opportunity to create great working experiences that you can then use to advance later in life. Nothing is promised or guaranteed. Nothing will be delivered to you because of your degree; you have to work for it. I can remember early on in life I was terrible at math. I was made to feel I should NOT attempt a math-oriented career. I came to Ohio State Mansfield very scared about math but soon learned that by working hard I could not only get A’s, but I could help other people learn how to be successful. Today, I am earning my second Master’s degree in Business Analytics from the University of Iowa. What you do with your degree in the future is completely up to you!”

The Ohio State University alumni have found success in careers across the country and the world. Randal Roberts-Anderson is responsible for Basel Regulatory Submissions at Wells Fargo Dealers Services in West Des Moines, Iowa. He is currently working on his second Master’s Degree in Business Analytics from the University of Iowa.

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