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Ohio State Mansfield alumni continue to be involved as a part of the larger Buckeye Nation, wherever they choose to live. Our Ohio State Richland County and Knox County Alumni Clubs are actively engaged at the Mansfield Campus, bringing campus awareness to the community and supporting student activities.

Reflections of a New Ohio State Graduate

By Rosie Stone
Ohio State Class of 2021
Media and Digital Communications Specialist,
Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

In the summer of 2017, I sat in a booth during orientation in Eisenhower Hall next to a gray silhouette decal of students spelling O-H-I-O on the wall. I had come alone, and truth be told, I felt awkward looking out to the tables of parents, students and their friends. I could hear everyone talking about what classes they wanted to take and how they wanted to spend the rest of summer vacation. It felt like I had been left behind, like everyone already knew each other and I would spend every minute of college alone. The staff and returning students made sure that would not happen though.

During orientation, Kidron Stamper, who later became the Student Engagement Coordinator in 2020, sat down and had lunch with me. I learned through our conversation that he was a current student. This small act played a significant role in making me feel more comfortable and introduced me to the warm culture on campus. He, along with the other Buckeye Ambassadors I met that day, gave me the idea of what kind of college student I wanted to be. I did not want to be someone who would get lost in the crowd. I wanted to stand out and leave a mark.

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