The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Psychology students at OSU-Mansfield are invited to initiate their own research projects or to assist faculty members with their various research programs.

Involvement with research is a privilege that can enhance your knowledge and understanding of psychology, enable you to apply information gained in the classroom, and can be very valuable for the student who is interested in attending graduate school.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, you should approach one or more of your psychology professors and let them know of your interest. Please be aware, however, that there are sometimes more students interested in research participation than there are opportunities available.

Professors are most inclined to provide this experience to students who attend class regularly, make good grades, appear engaged with the material, enjoy discussing psychology, and are willing to work hard and learn. These are also the same traits that you need to develop if you wish to attend graduate school.

If you are seriously interested in research, any time after you have taken at least four classes in psychology, including Psych 2300.

Typically students get involved with research in one of four ways.

1) Independent Study

Students who have taken Psychology 1100 may ask an instructor for permission to sign up for a 3193 course. The number of credits for this course is variable depending on the amount of time and work spent on the project. Generally, one hour of credit is given for every three hours of work per week. This independent study opportunity may involve independent reading and/or writing a paper.

Independent Study Guidelines for The Ohio State University at Mansfield - Psych 3193

2) Undergraduate Research in Psychology

Students who have taken Psychology 1100 may work with an instructor on supervised, collaborative research in psychology and receive credit for Psychology 4998. Generally, one hour of credit is given for every three hours of work per week.

Application for Undergraduate Research in Psychology

3) Thesis

Students are encouraged to undertake a research project resulting in a thesis to graduate with distinction in Psychology. Students with a GPA above 3.0 or higher are encouraged to pursue a research thesis. Additional information may be obtained from the psychology faculty.

4) Research Assistant

Occasionally there are paid positions available for students who wish to assist with research. These opportunities are rare and they won't make you rich, but you will gain valuable research experience.