The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Major Requirements

The courses that are italicized are offered at the Mansfield Campus or are likely to be offered in the near future.

Overview of Major Requirements

Psychology 1100(H): General Psychology is a prerequisite for all psychology coursework. Psychology 1100(H) fulfills both a Social Science and a Social Diversity GEC. This course does not count on the major. Twelve (12) courses of Psychology Department coursework. This coursework is distributed across four categories: Data Analysis & Research Requirements, Core Requirements, Advanced Requirements, and Elective Courses.

Section I. Data Analysis & Research Requirements Take both of the courses listed below (Quarter course number/Semester course number)

220 Data Analysis in Psychology
2300 Research in Psychology

Section II. Core Requirements Take one course in each of the 4 areas listed below (Quarter course number/Semester course number)

A. Brain & Behavior
3305 Drugs and Behavior
3313 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience
3513 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

B. Cognitive Psychology
3302 Perception and Language
3310 Sensation and Perception
3312 Memory and Cognition

C. Clinical & Developmental Psychology
3331(H) Abnormal Psychology
3335 Psychology of Adjustment
3340(H) Introduction to Life Span Developmental Psychology
3530 Theories of Personality
3550(H) Psychology of Childhood
3551 Adolescence

D. Social Psychology
3325(H) Introduction to Social Psychology
2367* Social Psychology
3375 Stereotyping and Prejudice

*If Psychology 2367 is used as a 2nd level writing course for the GE requirement, it also satisfies the Social Psychology core requirement. However, the credits are not applied to the total credits for the major.

Section III. Advanced Requirements Take at least two courses, one of which must be a Sequenced Advanced Course. Each Sequenced Advanced Course has a prerequisite course from the Core Areas. In order to complete this requirement, you MUST take the official prerequisite course PRIOR to taking the Sequenced Advanced Course.

Sequenced Advanced Courses Required Core Prerequisite
4475 The Self 3325(H) or 2367 or 3375
4501 Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience 3313
4510 Cognitive Psychology Laboratory 3302 or 3310 or 3312 and 2220 and 2300
4518 Attitudes: Structure, Function, & Consequences 3325(H) or 2367 or 3375
4520 Social Psychology Laboratory 3325(H) or 2367 or 3375 and 2220 and 2300
4532 Clinical Psychological Science 3331(H)
4540 Counseling Psychology 3331(H) or 3335 or 3530
4554 Language Development 3550(H) or 2371(H)
4630 Attitudes and Persuasion 3325 or 2367 or 3375
5600 Psychobiology of Learning & Memory 3305 or 3313
5606 High Level Vision 3310
5652 Behavior Modification with Children 3331(H) or 3335
5681 Development and Psychopathology 3550(H)
5684 Psychology of Delinquency 3551

Advanced Courses

3309 Human Motor Control and Learning
3485 Psychology and the Law
3505 The History of Psychology
3508(H) Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making
4511 Psychological Testing
4515 Psychology of Emotions
4521 Personnel Psychology
4522 Organizational Psychology
4525 Psychology of Personal Security: Global and Local Perspectives
4531 Health Psychology
4543 Psychology of Gender
4545 Cross-Cultural Psychology
4552 Psychology of the Adult Years
4555 Adolescent Sexuality
4571 Psychology of Developmental Disabilities
5601 Comparative Psychology
5608 Introduction to Mathematical Models
5609 Introduction to Mathematical Models in Experimental Psychology
5612 Introduction to Cognitive Science
5613H Biological Psychiatry
5615 Psychology of Language
5616 Models of Language
5617 Models of Memory
5621 Introduction to Event Related Potentials
5717 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Autism Spectrum Disorders
5718 Developmental Disabilities: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
5726 Seminar in Behavioral Neuroscience
5737 Proseminar in Cognitive Science

Section IV. Elective Courses To reach the 12 courses required for the Psychology Major, you may take any additional courses from Sections II, III, or IV.

2301 Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs
2303 Positive Psychology
2311 Psychology of Motivation
2333 Psychology of Human Sexuality
2350 Contemporary Developmental Psychology
2376 Interpersonal Relationships
2420 Psychology Applied to Sport
2462 Psychology of Creativity
2371 Language and the Mind
3191 Internship in Psychology
Up to 3 credit hrs of EITHER Psychology 3191 OR 3193.xx may apply to major
3193.xx Individual Studies
Up to 3 credit hrs of EITHER Psychology 3193.xx OR 3191 may apply to major
3321(H) Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Psychology
3594 Group Studies
3624 Primate Cognition
4998 Undergraduate Research in Psychology
Up to 3 credit hrs of Psychology 4998 may apply to major
4999.01 Thesis Research I
4999.01H Honors Research I
Up to 3 credit hrs of EITHER Psychology 4999.01(H) OR 4999.02(H) may apply to major
4999.02 Thesis Research II
4999.02H Honors Research II
Up to 3 credit hrs of EITHER Psychology 4999.01(H) OR 4999.02(H) may apply to major
5797 Study at a Foreign Institution

Section V. Other Course Offerings The courses in this Section DO NOT count toward the major, but may apply to your GE requirements.

2389 Career Exploration in Psychology
4597.01 Aging, Health, and Psychological Functioning in the Modern World
4597.02 Technology, Efficiency, and Happiness