Sophia Wood - Coming from a nonaffluent family, I knew that paying for college would fall under my responsibility. I also had two personal goals in mind; go to a well-rounded school and come out of it debt free. However daunting this had seemed, I knew it was possible because of this campus and its opportunities. After enrolling and getting accepted, it was evident that my goal would become a reality. Grants from the state and scholarships from Ohio State University at Mansfield have helped me both academically and financially. 

Scholarships have affected my time at Ohio State in a positive way. It has granted me flexibility to be able to become involved on campus. I have pursued being a writing tutor and now a developmental communications student worker. This would not have been possible without the extra reassurance from my scholarship. My new position as a student worker is also giving me the professional writing experience that I have always looked for. The extra scholarship funds allow me to focus more on my academics and projects that will help develop my professional career. I also enjoy spending time on campus and seeing the people that I have developed relationships with. It truly makes my day talking to friends, faculty, and staff that I have met here on campus, and that I will continue to have a bond with. 

Having scholarship support means having a sense of relief. What is unique about scholarships is that they are not expected to be paid back, unlike loans. This allows me to take a deep breath each semester, knowing that I do not have to worry after graduation about expensive payments. Because of this, I have a clear head when working on my studies and I find myself having more freedom to pursue projects related to my major. Ohio State and its generous donors have helped me prepare for success with my academic career and my professional career post-graduation. 

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