Mansfield Graduates Share Their Student Experiences

Discover why our newest graduates are proud Buckeyes!

The lyrics of our alma mater, Carmen Ohio, ring true this time of year as we prepare to celebrate the newest class of graduates. 


Summer's heat or winter's cold

The seasons pass the years will roll

Time and change will surely show

How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!


The Class of 2024 has been through countless challenges in their academic journeys, and we are honored that they chose Ohio State Mansfield as their home. On Sunday, May 5th, these students will receive their well-earned diplomas at Ohio Stadium alongside thousands of other Buckeyes.

We sat down with some of our graduates, and this is what they had to say about their Mansfield campus experiences! 

What has been your favorite memory or experience at Ohio State Mansfield?

“I have loved getting to know my classmates and building personal and professional relationships. My cohort would get together often to collaborate on schoolwork as well as hanging out to relieve stress. I have definitely made some lifelong friends at my time at OSU, and its a plus that they are in the same career field!” – Taryn Barnett

“Out of all the memories I was able to make throughout my 4 year experience at Ohio State Mansfield, my favorite was being able to be apart of orientation as a Buckeye Ambassador and get to welcome all the new students and show them around campus!” – Faith Cellar

“My favorite experience at Ohio State Mansfield has been working on our senior capstone project. Being able to work alongside other students on a real project for a local manufacturer is a nice change of pace from regular classes and provides valuable experience.” – Jerrod Kiser

“My favorite part of my experience at Ohio State Mansfield is the relationships and connections I have made with my fellow students, faculty and staff.” – Gracyn Shupp

“My favorite memory from Ohio State Mansfield has to be going to Chicago for the Midwestern Psychological Association’s conference to present research done with Dr. Brunell and my research partner, Laura. Our presentation went very well and I had so much fun in Chicago.” – Brad Wendland

How were you involved during your time at Ohio State Mansfield?

“My first year at OSU Mansfield I had the opportunity to be apart of the Social Work club! Since then, I've been apart of No More, and a student worker all 4 years at the Eisenhower Student Union and a Buckeye Ambassador! These all gave me the opportunity to be more involved and make connections with students and staff!” – Faith Cellar

“During my time at Ohio State Mansfield, I have been involved as a student ambassador for the Engineering Technology program. This has allowed me to attend recruiting events to build the student base for the major and also attending Industry Advisory Council meetings as well as Regional Manufacturing Coalition meetings which allow me to network with local employers.” – Jerrod Kiser

“I had the opportunity to participate in research in two different subject areas. I did a research credit with Dr. Landry where we identified insect species that she brought back from the Bahamas, as well as the research in Psychology on narcissism with Dr. Brunell. I was able to present both at the student research frenzy and forum in 2023 and 2024. I was also able to take the psychology research to the Denman in Columbus, as well as MPA in Chicago.” – Brad Wendland

What has been your favorite class and/or instructor at Ohio State Mansfield?

“Out of all of the many classes I've taken, both of my classes (Counseling Psychology and Abnormal Psychology) with Dr. Wagner have been my favorite! They've both prepared me for my future and my career and given me all the tools and knowledge I need, along with having fun in class!” – Faith Cellar

“Amber Rader was my favorite instructor both from her caring for the program and for her students. The PLC programming classes were probably my favorite as I enjoy that style of creating and troubleshooting.” – Travis Fisher

“My overall favorite class has to be Psych 4485, Psych and Law, with Dr. Mazzocco. That class was so interesting and details all aspects of the American legal system, the psychology behind prison culture, racial injustice, interrogations, psychopathy, and so much more! A runner up course would have to be the Organic Chem Labs with Dr. Robishaw. The products that you make during those labs are really cool, with aspirin, luminol, artificial vanilla, artificial banana flavor just to name a few.” – Brad Wendland

What advice would you give to an incoming student at Ohio State Mansfield?

“To any incoming students, take advantage of the small community and embrace the opportunities. I had previously gone to a large university, and the personalized education you get at Ohio State Mansfield is unbeatable. It makes a difference in your education when the professors know you by my first name and care about your success.” – Taryn Barnett

“If you like engineering, really think about getting your degree in Engineering Technology. Much smaller class size so more personal instruction. The professors are much more active in your learning. Way cheaper than going to the Columbus campus and more hands-on than any other degree I have seen.” – Travis Fisher

“One piece of advice I'd give is to incoming students is to get involved with some sort of club or in a service position. I have been able to make many valuable connections with professionals and made new friends during my time as a student ambassador for the program.” – Jerrod Kiser

“I think if I could tell the incoming freshmen one thing, it would be it's okay to not be okay. But reach out for help and know you're not alone or a burden for needing support. College can be so intimidating at first, but you got it. Also don't park in parking lot 1!” – Gracyn Shupp

How did Ohio State Mansfield prepare you for your career?

“Ohio State Mansfield provided me with a strong academic foundation and valuable hands-on experience that directly applied to my career. It has also helped me grow my network. I know that I always have people on my team, professors included, that will continue to support me even as a graduate.” – Taryn Barnett

“Ohio State Mansfield set me up for success from the minute I got there. With supportive staff and faculty, my outstanding education, and connections I've made, were able to set me up in the direction I want to go for my future!” – Faith Cellar

“As I am currently an IT manager, the PLC programming classes, C++ class, and robot classes have all prepared me for technology advances at the company. Also the leadership classes have taught me how to be a better manager and leader.” – Travis Fisher

“Through the various field placements provided by Ohio State Mansfield I feel that I am prepared and ready for my career as an educator. From first-hand classroom experience to engaging seminars provided by experienced educators, Ohio State Mansfield provides it all.” – Isaac Niedermier

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