Volunteer with Give Back Go Forward to earn free college tuition

The Ohio State University at Mansfield has a partnership with Mansfield City Schools and the Mansfield-Richland County Public Library to facilitate a volunteer program that incentivizes community service among Ohioans who are 60 years old and up with the opportunity to earn free college tuition. Ohio seniors enrolled in the Give Back Go Forward program who complete 100 or more community service hours at a designated nonprofit in one year’s time can earn a voucher for three free undergraduate credit hours.

The program has been active on the Columbus campus, but Mansfield is the first regional campus to host the program. Ohio seniors (ages 60 and up) enrolled in the program who complete 100+ hours of community service at the designated organization, Mansfield City Schools, will earn a voucher for three free undergraduate credit hours at The Ohio State University. This voucher can then be used by the volunteer, awarded to a friend/family member, or donated back to Ohio State Mansfield to be given to students in financial need.

Mansfield City Schools is offering volunteer locations at both Sherman Elementary and Woodland Elementary.

Woodland Elementary will host the Volunteer Tutoring Program – volunteers work one-on-one with first, second, or third-grade students for at least one 30-minute period weekly between 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. While the emphasis is on reading, tutors also may assist with spelling and writing. For more information, contact program coordinator Lisa Coleman at 419-156-0836 or call the school at 419-525-6325. 

Sherman Elementary will host Project MORE (Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence) – volunteers will mentor first and second-grade students through scripted reading lessons in weekly 30-minute periods. There are available times Tuesday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. For more information, contact Terry Foltz at foltz.terry@mansfieldschools.org or call the school at 419-525-6337.

The Mansfield-Richland County Public Library’s volunteer opportunities are with their Adult Literacy Program. The Adult Learning Program is to advance basic literacy and other skills in members of our community to build a foundation for lifetime learning; increase employment opportunities, and lead to a better quality of life. To inquire about volunteering with the MRCPL, contact Mary Frankenfield at mfrankenfield@mrcpl.org or 419- 521-3100.