Samantha Fraley’s College Credit Plus Success

How the CCP Program at Mansfield helped her graduate early and debt-free, with unforgettable experiences.

Samantha Fraley smiling in front Ovalwood Hall.

Samantha Fraley will graduate in May of 2024 from The Ohio State University after just graduating from high school in 2022. This is possible because of the College Credit Plus (CCP) program at Ohio State Mansfield.

Samantha enrolled at Ohio State Mansfield as a full-time CCP student during her junior year of high school. Initially beginning her studies as a psychology major, Samantha’s experiences in Dr. Michelle Kowalksi’s sociology courses inspired her to become a sociology major herself.

During her time as a CCP student, Samantha fell in love with the tightly-knit nature of the Mansfield campus, giving her the opportunity to meet life-long friends and foster great relationships with faculty and staff members. For these reasons, Samantha chose to continue her undergraduate education at Ohio State Mansfield following her graduation from Ontario High School in 2022.

The Mansfield Campus continued to provide Samantha with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, such as participating in the Education Abroad program. As a recipient of the Richland County Alumni Foundation scholarship, Samantha was able to study abroad in Greece with Dr. Steven Joyce.

“I am grateful for the grants and scholarships I have received for allowing me to not only study abroad but also to graduate debt-free.”

Samantha Fraley and a fellow student welcoming new students to summer orientation.

This summer, Samantha has worked as a Buckeye Ambassador, leading new students and families through orientation and welcoming them to Ohio State Mansfield. When asked what advice she gives to new students, Samantha emphasizes,  

“Get involved on campus and make connections. Get to know professors in your major as they will be great references and resources as you progress through school. It's unique to the regional campuses to be able to make personal connection with professors, so take advantage of it! I can’t recommend Education Abroad enough - I will carry my experiences in Greece with me forever.”

After graduation this spring, Samantha plans to pursue her master’s degree in UX design combining her sociology education and passion for marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a student at Ohio State Mansfield, please call 419-755-4317 or email If you are interested in the College Credit Plus program, please contact Academic Advisor, Jessica Luttrell, at