Drue Amin - Scholarships have taken a big financial weight off my shoulders and have made my college experience enjoyable. They allow me to make new connections with my peers, build professional relationships with my professors, and get involved on campus. Because my scholarships and financial aid cover 100% of my tuition, I only have to work part-time to make a little extra money for gas, food, and other essentials. This is just one less thing I have to worry about during the semester.   

Also, scholarships have helped me focus on my career as I am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I plan on either going into a Doctorate's program in Physical Therapy or some type of lab-based work. Scholarships have granted me time to pursue an internship with Warren Rupp during the summer of 2022. This was an engineering internship where I got the opportunity to work with the engineering department on helping them with key issues with their products. Exploring different avenues of interests, like this internship, would not have been possible without the financial relief of scholarships.   

I am truly so grateful that my scholarships pay for my tuition. I also am beyond blessed to be a student on a campus that provides its students with the opportunities and necessities to thrive. Being a Buckeye at Mansfield has allowed me to build my confidence through rigorous academics and projects that I have taken the lead on. I believe this would have been more difficult to do so at a bigger institution, but on this campus, it is possible!

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