Diana Ceban posing with a bowling team award

Diana Ceban, a first-year sports industry student, has found Ohio State Mansfield as the perfect place to launch her journey to a career in sports management and fulfill her passions outside the classroom.

After initially applying to the Columbus campus, Ceban was deferred to the Mansfield campus. She knew she still wanted to bowl for the Buckeyes, and was elated to discover that regional campus students can still participate in Columbus campus student activities, clubs, and athletics.

a bowling team holding an award with bowling lanes in the background

Ceban first started bowling in middle school, but it wasn’t until joining her high school bowling team at West Springfield High School in Virginia that she fell in love with the sport and was inspired to bowl in college.

“While I was looking at schools, the high school bowling tournaments host recruitment days where you can talk to colleges. This is where I first became interested in Ohio State. When I met the coach and the team, we just clicked and I could see they have the same passion as me. I knew in my heart that Ohio State was the place I definitely wanted to be.”

Diana Ceban holding a bowling ball staring down a bowling lane

Ceban dreams to one day be a manager of a professional sports team and has found that Ohio State Mansfield is already preparing her for her career. In her very first semester on the Mansfield campus, Diana’s favorite course was Sport and Positive Youth Development.

“We got to go to the gym every Thursday and conduct new sports activities where we would have to simulate as if we were teaching children through sports, and it involved helping children to develop and promote positive mental health.”

a bowling team with bowling lanes in the background

Ceban went on to emphasize the dedication of Mansfield faculty and staff to student success.

“My professors really care and want to get to know me as a person. I feel like I wouldn’t have that experience if I went to a larger school. It’s really cool being able to talk to instructors who are experts in their field.”

While living off-campus, Ceban has had the chance to immerse herself in the countless opportunities Richland County offers. Ceban was raised in a military family, so she doesn’t necessarily claim a hometown, but she has found the Mansfield community to be extremely welcoming and kind to a newcomer. She even gave a shout-out to one of her favorite local businesses, saying, “I love to go to Downtown Mansfield to Third Cup Tea. They have a ton of different varieties of tea and a great atmosphere.”

Ceban’s dreams to not only compete as a collegiate bowler, but to become a champion, were realized in her very first semester this past Autumn. In December, the Ohio State Bowling Club were crowned champions of the Big Ten for the first time since 1985

Ceban plans to transition to the Columbus campus next year where she will complete the remaining three years of her Sports Industry degree, but she noted she would miss the faculty and staff in Mansfield for making her transition to college academics so easy.

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