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Norman Jones

mansfield/portraits/jones_norman2.jpgDean & Director and Associate Professor of English
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Dr. Jones studies 20th- and 21st-century U.S. literature, the influence of the Bible in modern and contemporary literature, and representations of sexuality in literature. His latest book, The Bible and Literature: The Basics, provides a foundational overview of the Bible’s influence on American, British, and other Anglophone imaginative literature. He is currently completing a monograph entitled Provincializing the Bible: Faulkner and Postsecular American Literature (forthcoming from Routledge).

Research Spotlight

mansfield/research/jones.jpgOnce upon a time, in a land not so far from our own, there lived a little boy who loved stories.

Many years later, Dr. Jones now teaches English at Ohio State Mansfield. He admits, “It’s a strange thing to be in a position where students often expect me to have all of the answers, when in fact it’s the questions, really, that brought me here.” For Dr. Jones, questions are the best guides when it comes to exploring imaginative literature.

The questions that guide his own research focus on the mysterious and provocative intersections among religious studies, sexuality and gender studies, and literary studies. This may seem like an unlikely combination, but Dr. Jones explains, “If you’re talking about the history of sexuality in western culture, you have to talk about religion. And when it comes to talking about sexuality and religion, people tend to rely heavily on storytelling--including fictional storytelling!”