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Cynthia Callahan

mansfield/portraits/callahan_cynthia.jpgAssociate Professor, English
Address: Ovalwood 239
Phone: 419-755-4242

Dr. Callahan has recently published Kin of Another Kind: Transracial Adoption and American Literature, with the University of Michigan Press. Kin of Another Kind examines the appearance of transracial adoption in American literature at certain key moments from the turn of the twentieth century to the turn of the twenty-first to help understand its literary and social significance to authors and readers alike. In juxtaposing representations of African American, American Indian, and Korean and Chinese adoptions across racial (and national) lines, Kin of Another Kind traces the metaphorical significance of adoption when it appears in fiction. At the same time, aligning these groups calls attention to their unique and divergent cultural histories with adoption, which serve as important contexts for the fiction discussed in this study.