The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Strategic Plan

We will offer outstanding academic programs. These programs will align with the academic standards of the University, meet the needs of both location bound students and those intending to campus-change to the Columbus Campus, and help fulfill the spirit of the University System of Ohio.

We will create an exemplary professional and personal quality of life and an enriching academic, social, recreational, and cultural environment on campus for students, faculty, staff, and the community. We will establish indoor and outdoor spaces that foster and preserve the campus’s natural ecological environment, and keep current with technological advances.

mansfield/campus/riedl2.jpgWe will provide services to students that are consonant with a large University in a small college setting. These will promote students’ physical and psychological well being, focus on students with special needs, and celebrate students’ achievements and contributions related to the campus and the community.

We will create and support a welcoming community that celebrates, appreciates and respects diversity. We will promote diversity both on campus and in the larger community, ensure academic freedom and intellectual pluralism, and embrace OSU’s international initiatives.

We will effectively communicate OSU-Mansfield’s excellence and unique identity. We will direct our efforts toward a multifaceted audience, including the public, our supporters, prospective students, current students, and the Columbus Campus.

We will increase our enrollment through recruitment and retention efforts that can be accommodated by our physical facilities, course offerings, degree programs, and staffing. These efforts will be consistent with our campus values and sustain a vision of increased diversity among the student body including first generation college-students.

We will enrich the life of the larger community through outreach efforts. These efforts will be responsive to the needs of the community, promote the values of higher education and increase its accessibility.