The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Capacity Building

The Ohio State University at Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative provides a capacity-building structure for the delivery of Algebra Project-based professional development within districts.

  • We provide professional development for in-service teachers of grades K-12 who would like to obtain the Algebra Project (AP) credential and Mathematics Teacher Leader Program.
  • We assist teachers with the development of district and school-specific programming.
  • We provide a space for professional learning communities for professional development specialists and Math Teacher Leaders using the Algebra Project Model.

Partners with Schools

The Ohio State at Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative partners with elementary and secondary schools.

  • We provide professional development for in-service teachers of grades K-12 in the area of Mathematics using a combination of workshops, lesson-study, development / deployment of math teacher leaders, and other strategies tailored to each client school district.
  • We assist teachers and schools as they implement new Common Core State Standards. This can be achieved through curriculum alignment, developing formative assessments, integrating curriculum, and strengthening teacher content knowledge that is needed to support the process standards of CCSS.
  • We develop professional learning communities in grade bands and buildings of each school district which are supported by in-house math teacher leaders.
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  • We offer a sabbatical program for area teachers who train in AP-based pedagogy and serve as rotating members of an Implementation Team of PD Specialists.
  • We provide credentialing, including the Math Endorsement and an Algebra Project “badge”.

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