The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Meditation is a journey of self-inquiry. It is a practice that transforms one’s mind
through concentrated focus or attention, in order to deepen sense of self,
develop awareness within, and observe patterns or habits of the mind. With consistent
practice, one will cultivate equanimity, emotional resilience, and a positive
state of being. The purpose of this class is to introduce various techniques
and methods to help facilitate this process of reflection within and to assist
in developing one’s own practice at home. Techniques and methods to explore
include breath awareness, basic breathing techniques (pranayama), body
sensation, focused gaze, mindfulness, movement, visualization, iRest
meditations and more.

Supplies to bring: Pillow, throw blanket(s), yoga mat, blocks. Some blankets and blocks will be provided,
but on a first come, first serve basis. This class is open to all students with various experience
with meditation and is beginner friendly.

Instructor: Laura Gibson