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STEP Program

Make your second year in college a STEP to something huge

Just because you have finished your first year of college doesn’t mean you know exactly what you want to do with your life. Year two can be one of accelerated learning, expanded opportunities for personal development and richer social and career engagement. Providing you the tools needed to succeed in college, in life and in your future career is what’s behind the STEP program at Ohio State.

STEP — short for Second-year Transformational Experience Program — offers you a way to turn your second year at Ohio State Mansfield into a launchpad to personal, professional and educational achievement.

“I cannot recommend the STEP program enough. STEP provided me with a sense of community and support that helped me succeed. Not only did I make lifelong friends, but I also learned many important team and career building tactics that I will utilize in the future.” -Katelyn McDonald, environmental policy and decision making major

STEP participants get to:

  • Build mentoring relationships with faculty and staff outside of the classroom
  • Engage with co-curricular programs across campus
  • Complete financial literacy education
  • Explore six categories of transformational experiences
  • Have the option to create a written proposal on how to use up to $2000 in STEP fellowship funding to support their transformational experiences

Learn more about STEP and student experiences here.

Why participate in STEP?

  • You’ll experience new things.

    Whether you want to solve a problem right here in Mansfield or make change abroad, the STEP program will connect you with opportunities to make a difference.

  • You’ll create your path forward.

    We’ll help you fully explore your academic interests, boost your confidence and grow your network — giving you valuable tools and knowledge to start your career.

  • You’ll have a great resume.

    STEP will help you find the personal experiences you need to stand out in the competitive job market.

We're here to help

“The STEP program shows students how to make their academic and professional goals a reality.” Cynthia Callahan
Professor of English

Learn more about STEP by emailing Cynthia Callahan at

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