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Education Abroad

Will it be You to study in Corfu or Cyprus or in one of the 100 opportunities this summer? The deadlines for many summer May programs is January 1. More information here.

Mansfield campus offers a Student Travel Grant to help cover some expenses. Click here for application.

For more information about education abroad in Corfu, contact Dr. Steven Joyce at; for information about Cyprus, contact Dr. Stavros Constantinou at For general questions about education abroad, contact Pam Schopieray at


1. How do I find out about Education abroad opportunities? Contact Pam Schopieray at You can search for programs at and These sites will give information on programs based on all the Ohio State campuses, including Mansfield. In the fall, the Mansfield campus offers information sessions about upcoming opportunities. The Office of International Affairs in Columbus hosts regular education abroad information sessions, listed on their site. You can use CarmenConnect to join the Columbus-based "Getting Started" sessions.

2. Should I wait until I am a junior or senior to study abroad? Mansfield sponsored programs are appropriate for students of any rank and we encourage freshmen to apply. Ohio State’s Global May programs also are designed specifically to get first- and second-year students abroad early in their academic life. Many students who study abroad once go on to do another program later, so it’s a good idea to get started soon.

3. Does Mansfield have its own education abroad program? Each year the Mansfield campus sponsors several education abroad courses that are hosted by Mansfield Faculty. Mansfield campus students may also apply to any education abroad program listed on the OIA site, so long as they can fulfill the requirements (for example, some classes may require taking a course beforehand in Columbus). Dr. Dawn Kitchen, Associate Dean, is the coordinating administrator for the Mansfield campus. Her email is

4. Will I earn course credit? All Ohio State sponsored education abroad travel courses provide credit, and most fulfill the open-option GE. The site also provides information on Ohio State approved programs provided by third parties that can provide credit.

5. How much do programs cost? In addition to tuition, students pay a program fee to cover lodging, activities and other travel expenses. The program fee is due at the same time as tuition for the semester in which you will be traveling. Costs vary a great deal based on the destination and the length of stay. On the Mansfield campus, you can apply for a Student Travel Grant up to $1200. Here are the links to the application and guidelines: Guidelines and Application

Read the program sheets carefully since covered costs vary. Some Ohio State University sponsored programs, for example, do not include airfare costs in the program fee.

6. Can I get help paying for the courses? For summer and beyond study abroad, apply Mansfield Student Travel Grant

You may use some forms of financial aid to pay for your expenses. At the Office of International Affairs website, explore the grants and scholarships available and be sure to read this overview, which includes information on using financial aid. Review scholarships immediately, since many deadlines are early in the academic year. Also note that scholarships will be treated as part of your overall total financial aid award for the academic year. It may be necessary to file an appeal with Financial Aid to increase aid in order to take advantage of a scholarship or grant. OIA will provide the budget letter necessary to file this appeal. For more information about an appeal, please contact the Mansfield Campus Liaison, Gretchen Turner at

7. What types of programs does Mansfield and Columbus offer? Students from the Mansfield campus have studied in Corfu, Cyprus, Japan, and Costa Rica. Education abroad opportunities come in several varieties. Mansfield students are able to apply to any education abroad program they meet the eligibility requirements for campus wide, and are not limited to a certain kind or those offered by a specific College or academic unit. There are many, many education abroad programs that are stand-alone with no classes on campus, and the range of time abroad can range from a December break or Spring Break to 10 days to 2 weeks, to 4 weeks to 6 weeks of travel. Or longer!! This information can be found in each program’s description. To search for programs for more information, go to: Search Programs

8. What other education abroad courses should I consider? The May programs to Cyprus and Corfu give priority to regional campus students which is very helpful for getting in to these popular programs.

9. Do I need to speak a foreign language? No. You don't need to be a foreign language or international studies major to study abroad; Ohio State students can study a wide variety of subjects in another country. You can take classes in your minor, satisfy GE requirements or try something new. Experiences and skills that you learn while abroad can apply to almost any field.

10. How do I apply? You apply through You can use this link to search for programs that interests you. You will fill out an online application and upload your advising report, a short personal essay, and the name and email of a professor who has agreed to write a recommendation. (Contact professors at least a month before the deadline).

11. What are the requirements for being accepted into a program? You do need to be academically ready to study in another country. Generally, a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required. Other requirements vary by program. All details are provided in the program sheets at

12. Where can I find information about applying for a passport? Go to this site: