The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Sexuality Studies Minor

Central Courses at Mansfield

(choose at least 6 hours from the list)


PSYCH 2333.02: Psychology of Human Sexuality
Credits: 3

PSYCH 3555: Adolescent Sexuality
Credits: 3
Social Work

SOCWORK 3597: Adolescent Parenthood and Sexuality: International Perspectives
Credits: 3

SOCWORK 5006: Sexualities, Diversity, and Social Work
Credits: 3

SOCIOL 5605: Sociology of Sexuality
Credits: 3


(other electives must be approved by the campus advisor)


ENGLISH 4553: 20th-Century U.S. Fiction [*relevance to the minor depends on the readings and focus of the course; Dr. Jones sometimes offers a 4553 that would be relevant]
Credits: 3

ENGLISH 4592: Special Topics in Women and Literature [*relevance to the minor depends on the topic; Dr. McGovern offers a 4592 that would be relevant]
Credits: 3
Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGSST 2230: Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Popular Culture
Credits: 3