The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Foreign Language Placement Testing

Students need to register for Orientation prior to taking any placement tests. If you have not completed this process, visit the Ohio State Mansfield Orientation webpage for details and directions.

The purpose of the Foreign Language Placement Test is to determine which language course best fits the needs of students who have previously studied a foreign language and offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit if they score high enough on the test (NOTE: The Foreign Language Placement Test is the only Placement Test that provides the opportunity to earn academic credit).

If you studied the same foreign language for two or more years in high school, you are required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test, even if you do not plan to study a language at Ohio State, unless you qualify for an exemption.

Be sure you have requested your official ACT/SAT/AP scores and/or transcripts from other institutions to be sent electronically to Ohio State to ensure proper Placement Testing assignment and avoid taking unnecessary exams. Directions to request official transcripts/score reports


  • Your To Do List in My Buckeye Link will indicate if you need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test
  • Students who have received transfer credit for a foreign language or who have an official foreign language AP score report of 3 or above on file with Ohio State are exempt from taking the test
  • Students who studied a foreign language in high school for less than two years or did not study one at all do not take the exam
  • Students who graduated from high school more than five years ago do not take the exam
  • If you believe you have already submitted an official score/transcript that qualifies you for an exemption and "Foreign Language-Placement Test Required" appears on your To Do List, contact the Orientation and Placement Testing Office at 419-755-4317 as soon as possible.


About the test:

  • Students have up to 60 minutes to take the Foreign Language Placement Test
  • The exam is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • The exam needs to be taken in one sitting and students can take the exam only once, so be sure to have 60 minutes of uninterrupted time available
  • The test will be administered using MultiCAT
  • Students are encouraged to review information about the Foreign Language Placement Exam provided by the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures prior to taking the test
  • Students will not be able to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam on university holidays
  • To request testing accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services at or 419-755-4304.

Directions to take the test:

  • Go to:
  • Click on the "MultiCAT Placement Instructions" link which is a PDF Document
  • Review that document and then on page 4, you will find the “Student Testing Instructions” for the MultiCAT test
  • Click the “here” link within the first line of instruction to unlock your computer
  • Have the code available when you visit the test site which is
  • You will also need to log in using your Ohio State username and password.

After Taking the Test:

  • Your test score will be shown at the end of the exam and will be sent to your Ohio State email. Your score will also be posted to your account. Please note it can take up to 7 business days after taking the test for your score to be posted.
  • The Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures provides detailed information about how to interpret your Foreign Language Placement Test score