The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Susan Delagrange

mansfield/portraits/delagrange_susan_5456.jpgAssociate Professor, English
Office: Ovalwood 231
Phone: 419-755-4235

Dr. Delagrange specializes in digital media and rhetoric. She won the 2010 Kairos Best Web Text Award for her article, "Wunderkammer, Cornell, and the Visual Canon of Arrangement," in which she demonstrated how inquiry and argument change in nonlinear digital media. Her most recent work is a book titled Technologies of Wonder: Rhetorical Practice in a Digital World, the first born-digital book put forward for tenure at a Big 10 university. Professor Delagrange’s current research project is an abecedary piece in which she will represent each letter of the alphabet with an example of visual rhetoric. Professor Delagrange is available for independent studies. She is currently recruiting students for a research project collecting literary narratives for the nationalDigital Archive of Literary Narratives.