The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Ohio State Mansfield receives Department of Defense grant

The Ohio State University at Mansfield has been awarded $360,000, through the US Department of Agriculture and National Institute of Food and Agriculture Program: Mathematics Curriculum Development for DoDEA Worldwide Schools. The award will assist the US Department of Defense in developing Career and College Ready Standards for Mathematics-based curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Teachers will teach the curriculum at schools on US bases around the world where servicemembers’ children attend.

The one-year project is part of Ohio State Mansfield’s Math Literacy Initiative, housed at the Springmill Learning Center in Partnership with Mansfield City schools. Michael Mikusa, visiting assistant professor at Ohio State Mansfield, and Terri Teal Bucci, associate professor and Director of the Math Literacy Initiative, will administer the grant. Mikusa will work directly with a curriculum design group of nine practicing educators from Northeast Ohio to develop the courses.

“The goal is to revamp the overseas courses to more closely align with stateside common core standards,” Mikusa said. “Students will be better prepared to integrate back into public classrooms in the United States.”

Mikusa taught math education for 22 years at Kent State University. Part of his work there involved creating math courses for elementary through high school students. He has been a visiting professor at Ohio State Mansfield for three years.

The Ohio State Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative is a professional learning community that builds the effectiveness of mathematics instructions by increasing teacher content and pedagogical knowledge and supports the effective application of Ohio New Learning Standards and Practices in teachers’ classrooms. The initiative, which is housed in Mansfield City School’s Springmill Learning Center, provides teacher professional development, summer math campus for children, and credit courses through the Ohio State University.