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Ohio State Mansfield alumni continue to be involved as a part of the larger Buckeye Nation, wherever they choose to live. Our OSU Richland County and Knox County Alumni Clubs are actively engaged at the Mansfield Campus, bringing campus awareness to the community and supporting student activities. 

Christ Ticoras


But for Ohio State, Mansfield dermatologist Dr. Christ Ticoras wouldn’t be the successful doctor, husband, father, philanthropist and community volunteer he is today.

“Ohio State opened a lot of doors and allowed me to succeed,” he said.

Ticoras is finishing his ninth of nine years on the Ohio State Mansfield Board. He was instrumental in starting the Ohio State Mansfield Board of Trustees Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to third-year and higher students who intend to graduate from Ohio State Mansfield and are actively involved in community service.

Ticoras knows the worth of scholarships as he paid his own way through college, performing research as a lab assistant while he earned Ohio State’s Presidential Scholarship. The endowment goal is to raise $200,000; Ticoras’ pledge is to provide a 50 percent match for donations.

Ticoras grew up in Warren, Ohio, the son of Greek immigrants. It was a close-knit family and their hope was that he would attend college nearby.

“I always wanted to go to Ohio State, but my parents wouldn’t let me,” he said. “They said ‘you can go to Kent, Youngstown or Akron.’”

Ticoras enrolled in the pre-pharmacy/pre-med program at Kent State University, about 35 minutes from home. At the time, the Ohio State pharmacy degree was a five year program. Students could enroll at another college and transfer in after two years to finish the final three years at Ohio State.

Ticoras transferred to Ohio State in the winter quarter of 1984 and graduated in June 1987 at the top of his College of Pharmacy class, summa cum laude with distinction and honors.

Through an Air Force scholarship to Wright State University, Ticoras earned his medical degree, then he completed and internship in internal medicine and served a residency in dermatology at the Wright State Integrated Dermatology Residency Program. His return on the scholarship was active duty time in Tucson, Ariz.

Yearning to return to Ohio, he found a position in private practice in 1999 in Mansfield.

“There was a need for my specialty, it was close to home and very similar to where I grew up. The schools are really strong and I knew that the regional campus and the National Guard were here,” he said. “I’ve been really blessed to have 15 great years here in Mansfield.”

Ticoras has become firmly entrenched in the community, early on serving as a volunteer at the Salvation Army with an interfaith men’s Bible study group who mentored youth when he first arrived. In the past, he has financially supported the Salvation Army and Richland Pregnancy Services. He and wife Heather belong to the Richland County Foundation Connections group, which raises funds to provide grants to local non-profits.

Professionally, Ticoras, in conjunction with Ohio Health, provides free skin cancer screening, coordination and care during Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May.

“I like Woody Hayes’ idea of paying forward,” he said. “I think as alumni we are really called to do that.”

Ticoras recently donated funds for a group study room in the renovated Bromfield Library and Information Commons. His higher education philanthropy extends to Ashland University and North Central State College as well.

“As I look back sitting nine years on the board, there’s a distinct advantage that students get on a regional campus,” Ticoras said. “The class size is smaller so your experience is more intimate with the instructor. Instructors are all professors. And even though many professors are involved with research, they have a real passion to teach.”

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