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Writing Center Services

Writing Consultations

Writing Center Consultants provide face-to-face collaborative writing guidance, assistance, and instruction. (Small group appointments are also available.) Your peer consultant will constructively discuss your writing in a way that will fine tune the writing in question, guide you in the composition process and instruct you in techniques and skills that will improve your future writing projects. Unless you specifically request it, your instructors will not be notified when students use Writing Center services.

What to Bring to a Writing Center Consultation

Bring everything related to the writing you want to discuss in your consultation: syllabus, writing assignment or prompt, notes, previous drafts, and drafts with instructor comments on them. If you are seeking help on getting started, bring the assignment and your consultant will help you develop techniques that you can use to generate ideas that will guide your writing and research. Expect to spend about an hour at the Writing Center even though an average consultation takes 30 - 35 minutes.

Proofreading and the Writing Center

Because we are committed to helping you develop ways to improve your own writing, the Writing Center will not proofread your papers. However, we would be glad to teach you how to edit and proofread your own work, and we will explain grammatical issues that are important to you.

All Writers Are Writing Center Clients

Writers at all levels of proficiency, at all academic levels, and from every discipline come to the Writing Center to get thoughtful, intelligent, constructive comments on their papers. Discussing and revising papers is a normal part of the writing process and not simply something done by bad writers. Join in the success of Writing Center clients at OSU Mansfield.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

The Writing Center offers personal ESL consultation to all ESL students and faculty. This collaborative instruction will increase English writing proficiency in the university and workplace. In addition, ESL consultations will enable students to sucessfully read and conduct research in the English language.

Workshops and Handouts

All students, faculty, and staff can attend Writing Center workshops on documentation, Internet research, and other writing-related topics. In addition, you can obtain handouts on almost any writing related topic at the Center.


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