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Brutus Buckeye Has Roots in Mansfield

October 16, 2018

Brutus’ story began over 50 years ago outside of a sorority house at The Ohio State University and has a strong Mansfield connection. Brutus was the brainchild of Mansfield-native Sally Lanyon and her college boyfriend, Ray Bourhis.

Lanyon stopped by the Mansfield campus on Friday, October 12, 2018, to see the new 8-foot Brutus statue that stands outside of the admissions office in Riedl Hall. The statue was donated by Dr. James Goudy II, an Ohio State Mansfield board of trustee member, and painted by Ohio State alum Ryan Failor.

Lanyon is a Mansfield Senior High School graduate and was in town for her 55th high school class reunion.

The Making of Brutus

In 1963, Lanyon began attending The Ohio State University in Columbus. She and Bourhis noticed that there was not a mascot. They began creating the first Brutus on the front lawn of her Pi Beta Phi sorority house at Ohio State’s Columbus campus in 1965. Brutus was made from sticks, chicken wire, and paper mache.

Since Bourhis was a walk-on for the football team. He knew the stadium very well and decided to test out their new creation during the 1965 homecoming game against Minnesota.

Laynon recalls, “I was in the stands thinking we were going to get arrested for bringing the newly created Brutus on the field.” Fortunately, the crowd loved it.

“Some of the guys who wore the early Brutus said they would stumble and fall. If they wanted to see the crowd, they would have to lift it and look through the eyes which were located about waist high.”

The current Brutus now appears at more than 500 sporting/non-sporting events each year.

Celebrating Brutus

In 2015, Lanyon and Bourhis attended the 50th birthday of Brutus held at the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom along with over 50 former students who donned the Brutus costume throughout the years.

“The best part about that weekend was having many of those guys – only three of them were women – come up to me and say, ‘Thank you for creating Brutus. You’ve changed my life,’ and I will never forget that feeling,” Lanyon says proudly.

Laynon and co-creator, Bourhis authored a book “The Autobiography of Brutus Buckeye: As Told to His Parents, Sally Lanyon, and Ray Bourhis” in 2015 for Brutus’ 50th birthday. The book was published by Orange Frazer Press and is available on and Barnes & Noble’s bookstores.

If you would like to read more about the history of Brutus, Lanyon has created

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